Monday, April 19, 2010

Bailey's 4th Birthday Party

I cannot believe my baby girl is turning four!!! Here are some pics from her party we had this past weekend. It was perfect! Beautiful weather, wonderful friends and a very happy birthday girl....

I made WANTED posters for all the kids who came. Bailey was wanted for "The HIGH crime of growing up too fast!"

And Olivia's was for "For the high crime of being a pesky little sister" and ain't that the truth! ;)

The table set for 8 little cowgirl princesses...

Wild West shooting game...(using B's marshmallow shooter) I got the idea for this game from a blog I found online... Love Actually

The kids did a frame craft while we waited on the horses...

Later we did a little farm animal dig using these as the containers for the animals. (I covered old coffee cans...I had to drink a lot of coffee to make these!) ;)


She got to ride a pony into her party...

The lady brought 3 ponies, two little guys and one bigger one. Of course everyone wanted to ride the "big" one. Even Olivia got on!!

Check out the death grip she has on mom!!!!

She loosened up after a while and did NOT want to get off!!! My little 13 month old cowgirl...mama is so proud!

B had so much fun with her buddies.

Cake time!!!

After the party I asked Bailey what her favorite part of her party was. She said, "The YUMMY cake!!" (the girl LOVES cake) I said, ok, well what did you like better, riding the pony or searching for farm animals...she said "The YUMMY cake!!!" Great! Thats a good story for my blog, but I could have saved myself a lot of work and just presented with a cake... lol

B eating her "yummy cake". I think her new favorite flavor is strawberry...

Katelyn munchin on some marshmallow fondant.

All the kiddos w/ their stick ponies.

My little trouble maker!

What a fun party!!!


  1. What a fantastic job! Love the little table and the Wanted posters. And the cake was spectacular!! Your girls are lucky to have such a great mom.