Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping Party

Last night Bailey had four of her buddies over for a "Summer S'more Fun" playdate!

Theme: Camping.

Totally fun!!!! I definitely recommend a camping theme to anyone! This was definitely one of the most fun parties I have hosted. FULL of fun games for the kids, super easy and cheap to execute as most of your decorations/activities are centered around nature which is FREE (if you just take a walk through the forest.)

Here are about a billion pictures for your enjoyment. ;)

First up, the dessert/trail mix buffet which included marshmallows, pretzels, raisins, almonds, veggie sticks, cherrios, graham squares, and m&ms. (oh, and a few desserts such as cupcakes and two different types of s'more pops)

Big props to Amanda of Amanda's Parties To Go who created the printable collection for this party. She is amazing!!!!! Go to her site to purchase this great collection!

Is your mouth watering yet???

Gonna take this time to show off the by one. :)


The dinner table...

Don't you love the little tree stump chairs?! I found those the morning of the party! I drove past a big yard of cut trees, they were selling firewood and I saw all the random stumps on the ground. The lightbulb went off in my head and I pulled over. I got them for a dollar a piece!

I made tents for the girls out of 4 pieces of 5ft PVC pipe, 2 yards of fabric and some duct tape. Easy easy and inexpensive.

Each tent was marked with the girls' names.

First activity of the night was a scavenger hunt. The girls had to hunt for 6 things. Since they're 4 and 5 years old I made a picture scavenger hunt. Each item they searched for had a purpose for later on in the party. Items included an unfinished wood birdhouse (to paint), a s'more kit, a rock and feathers (to make a pet rock), a stick and a butterfly (we later made a cool butterfly wand).

Check out the adorable satchels my mom made for each girl to collect their goodies from the scavenger hunt.

After the hunt girls painted their birdhouses while I got dinner ready.
(here is the cool butterfly wand I was talking about)DINNERTIME!!!!
One of my favorite things about hosting a party is mealtime. I LOVE listening to the conversations and silly things the girls say to each other! 4 and 5 year olds have the best mealtime discussions!!

These fruit kabobs were a BIG hit!! Bailey has already informed me this morning that she wants her fruit on a stick all the time. (GREAT! What have I done!?!?)

After dinner the girls had to capture bugs!!!
(no, I was not able to get them to catch real ones...these bugs were plastic)

I put plastic bugs from the dollar store (7/$1) on the floor of our tent and then covered them with balls and balloons. The girls had to scramble to find 5 bugs each.

The timing of this little shindig was perfect. Our butterflies from our butterfly garden just hatched and it was time to release them to the wild! There was 5 butterflies, 5 girls...each girl got to hold one and release it.

Can you believe it? I was brave enough to do a fire.

This is where the s'more kit the girls had to find earlier in their scavenger hunt came into play. We roasted marshmallows, which basically mean't the girls put the marshmallows on a stick and then inserted them into the ashes....creating a useless/unedible marshmallow. lol

4 and 5 year olds are not very good at roasting marshmallows. And I was a nervous wreck with them around the fire. No pictures here.

Time to put the fire out!!!

(that didn't last long)

By this time, I'm tired, there is a huge mess to start cleaning up...its time to sit the girls down to watch a movie!!!

Calling all campers to the trail mix bar!!!!

They loved filling up their tin cans with their own concoction of different snacks.
It was such a hot day so I decided to put the tent inside so that the girls could comfortably watch a movie. It was so cute seeing all of them cuddled up together, eating their trail mix and watching their movie from inside the tent.

I strung lights from the ceiling for stars. The girls LOVED this! They were so excited when they first arrived and saw the tent and stars. This isn't a great picture, but it really did look neat.

The girls were sent home with all their goodies from the scavengar hunt and bug game, as well as their tents and a tree shaped cake pop.


  1. Ok, there just aren't any more words in the English language that I can think of to tell you how talented you are. AMAZING! It looks like the kids had a blast, too! Thank you for making my printables shine and showing everyone that parties don't have to break the bank to be stunning!

  2. Oh my gosh Kate, will you be MY mom?!?! Seriously...amazing! Where do you get the energy and the creativity? I love it!

  3. Oh my goodness, the pictures are amazing! Katelyn had a blast...looking at this makes me think I can never have the girls here, they will be like excuse me where are all the goodies. You amaze me and I wish I had an ounce of that creativity in me! PS Kate asked if she could sleep in her tent tonight:)!

  4. Wow!! That looks wonderful! You pay so much attention to every detail, your kids are so lucky!

  5. Looks like so much fun! My kind of camping - INDOORS!

  6. AWESOME!!! My little girl is the same age as Bailey and we were both in awe at the time it took to put this party together and ALL the cute little details. You definitely make it look easier and I will HAVE to try out this cute party! We like taking our kids camping and this would be a fun just because party to have sometime! Thanks for posting!!!
    Angela B

  7. This is so beautiful and creative and fun it makes me swoon. Love love love it. Your cupcakes are GORGEOUS.

  8. I follow your blog daily and you never cease to amaze me. I love this camping party. You have given me such inspiration. I have a two year old and look forward to the many parties she will be having. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Oh, did your tree cake pop holder come from your roadside pick up? And did you cut them to that size yourself?

  9. Can I be your daughter? Or at least one of your daughters' friends?! ;)

  10. W.O.W...amazingly, amazing!! sooooo, cool and perfectly done. Love, love, love every detail!!!
    I also follow your blog daily and nope, you never cease to amaze me!! and yeah, please tell us how you made the tree-cake-pop-holder, it's sooooo original just like everything you do :)
    Thank you Kate and have a wonderful 4th!!

  11. You are SO AWESOME!! What an amazing FUN party!!!

  12. This is amazing!!! I'm in love with so many of your creative ideas!!!

  13. Wow. You take every theme I've seen done before and make it 10 times better. I wish I were your kid

  14. Haha - take a hike goody bags, too cute! I love the garland too - great party idea!

  15. I'm crazy about the cupcakes and pops!!!

  16. Found this via Shindig--and think you did an AMAZING job! Would love to feature this as my "Merry Monday" party this coming Monday--please let me know if that's okay.
    RoseMarie, Home Confetti

  17. Thanks so much for showing this. I am planning and hosting a backyard camp out with about 10 families all pitching tents and camping overnight and I LOVE AMANDA and have purchased from her I just bought this party ! I can't wait...we are showing Yogi Bear, the Movie on the big screen at dark...bonfire etc...can't wait...thanks for the inspiration on the decor!


  18. AMAZING...!!! I had a camping party last year it was lots of fun and a great took that theme and made it 10 times better!!!! U R MY IDOL!!!
    ROCK ON!!!! :) Eva Harris (11 going on 12) xxx

  19. AWESOME party! Lucky kids to have such a great creative mom. I am going to use many of these ideas for the family camp weekend we are going to have this summer. Our grandkids as well as the big kids will LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. We are doing a camping party for my daughter's fifth, thank you for sharing some great ideas that will no doubt be a help to us!

  21. You have done it again! Cutieful...I don't like plastic table liners, but you made it look too cute.

  22. Wow, that is really cool. I can tell you put a lot of work into it and it paid off. Awesome party :)

  23. Give me a break! No one should be that talented! Pretty amazing & inspiring!!!!! Just plain.....WOW!

  24. can you share how you made the invite?? it looks like it is folded bc I don't see the cut sides on the left or right?? I'm having trouble making my own! please help!!

  25. What a fantastic party and I love the selection of activities you had here. The kids were certainly entertained :-)

  26. I absolutely LOVE the cupcakes! So, so pretty! Awesome party!

  27. Excellent. Thank you for the ideas. My 4th year old boy wants a hunting party (25 boys attending the party). The mix trail will work excellent for them....

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