Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sienna's Sweet Shoppe

This cake is for a neighbor of ours whose ADORABLE daughter, Sienna celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday with a Sweet Shoppe party. She is such a cute little girl and I really hope this cake made her smile!!

It turned out to be a very popular cake in my house.

First, Bailey walked in from school and took one look at this cake (and I was only 1/2 way done) and said,

Long thinking pause...

"That is my birthday cake, right?
"Sorry sweetie. Your birthday is in April...not this weekend."

(I have to remind her every now and then that these cakes aren't for us)

Later, Olivia, my candy feen, basically said the same thing. Only using less words and a lot more action! I turned my back on her for 30 seconds (bad move). She climbed up on the counter while I was taking the trash out and took a big BITE out of one of the lollipops I had made!! Grrrrrrrr!!! Thank God I hadn't put them on the cake yet! This is the first offense that either one of my girls have had against my cakes. They're usually very well behaved around them but Liv couldn't help herself with this one!!! Guess I can't let my guard down anymore. :(

So there is one less lollipop on this cute 3 tier, but I don't think we missed out too much!!!

By the way, it was made to match this adorable Sweet Shoppe invitation. What cute invitation huh?!?!! It made for easy inspiration for this cake!

I thought a lollipop would make an appropriate smash cake...
And here are a couple picture's of the candy buffet Amy created for her little girl's party. She made this sign herself!! Such a cute display!!!!!


  1. Adorable as usual. Your work is so flawless.

  2. Thank you for making the perfect birthday cake for Sienna's 1st birthday! Definitely a party and cake that we will always remember! Sienna LOVED the lollipop smash cake and just coulnt get enough of it! Seems like she got her parent's sweet tooth! :) Oh and thought you'd get a kick outta this- Reid had 2 huge slices of cake yesterday all before 11 am! Haha! And may have had 3 slices throughout the day!

    Everyone loved the cake and just stared at how amazingly made it was! Thank you!!m

  3. Oh and TOO funny about Liv taking a bite out of a lollipop! How cute! Haha!!! We would have never known! Love that the girls loved the cake too!

  4. That cake is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful setup!