Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lily's Black/White Red Carpet Bash!!!

I'm so excited to share this dessert table!! It was created for Lily Anderson who is turning 10 in May. Lily is a very special girl with a very special story!! (she is basically a celebrity around here!) ;)

In 2009 she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer (Stage 4) in the form of a large tumor in her abdomen. Further testing revealed that the cancer had spread to other parts of her body as well. This brave little girl has undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to battle this mean disease. Its been a long fight for her and the war is not entirely over. After a while in remission the doctors recently found a little spot on her and have resumed chemotherapy to fight this monster and win the battle. More on her story can be found here.

Lily originally planned her party for May, but with such a busy schedule coming up, she and her mother decided to move the party to this weekend! I got a phone call on Monday from her mother. Lily was at the hospital recieving a treatment of chemotherapy. Her friend Kylie was with her to keep her company and while they were sitting there doing some major party planning Kylie said "We need to call Ms Kate! She'll get a cake for you by this weekend!" So Kylie pulled up my website they began looking at cakes to pass the time. She came across one of my zebra cakes and fell in love. Her mom made the call to me and I dropped everything to get this cake done. But such a special girl deserves more than just a cake. My goal was to knock Lily's socks off!!!

The theme of this party is Red Carpet/Black and White so the table is mostly black and white with accents in red. Can I please just take the time to give a HUGE shout out to Amanda Parker of Shindig Parties To Go!!! What a wonderful friend I have found in her! She created (and so graciously donated) the printables for this table and OMG they are so gorgeous!!! Planning this table was a bit of a challenge as I was on a very limited timetable, but girlfriend whipped this gorgeous design up in one night! I am forever grateful to her for helping me with this project! She is amazing and her party designs are fantastic. You MUST check her out!

So here it is...Lily Anderson's Sweet 10th birthday!!!

Lily with her cake. :)
I am hoping for more pictures of the party to come. While I was setting up the table I saw lots of fun stuff going up around me including a red carpet, photo booth, makeup artist, stereo systems and an awesome black and white balloon arch! It was one fabulous party and I can't wait to see (and hopefully share) more!!

This was such a rewarding project for me! Not only was it SO FUN to create, but sweet Lily is the BEST kid in the world! She thanked me over and over and over while I was setting it up. She was so excited about her party and I feel so lucky to be a part of her special day!


Double digits! Thats huge!!!! :)

Happy Early Birthday Lily!!!!


  1. All I can say is that you are AMAZING! I knew it already, but sweet lady, truly, I can't believe you pulled this off is such a short time! God does work miracles and I just know that he is working one in little Lily right now. My prayers have been with Lily and her family since I found out about her story last week and they will continue to be.... you are such a sweet party fairy, Kate!!

  2. What an amazing table!!n You're awesome Kate!! It looks fabulous for a fabulous little lady!! I hope she had an amazing special day!! <3

  3. Gorgeous party for a super deserving sweet little one! LOVE IT!

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