Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Bash!!!

Last night we had a monster bash to kick off the trick or treat festivities. It was such a fun time! I absolutely love Halloween...the costumes, the candy, the weather...its a perfect occasion for a party. The kids were precious in their costumes as they played around the yard, did carnival games, adopted pet monsters, and decorated their own cupcakes.

A big huge thanks to Amanda Parker of Amanda's Parties to Go. I wouldn't use anyone else but her. She has a brilliant party mind! Love love love her printables. And if you haven't checked out her party blog you MUST. Like I said, she is a party genius!! The monster collection she created really brought this party to life. If you're having a monster bash you must get this package!!! I used it for so many things, from the cupcakes to the games... (you'll see). :)

Check out the pics...I've got about a billion of them! ;)

I got the make your own monster cupcake idea from Snowy Bliss. Anj had the cutest monster party for her son's 2nd birthday and they made monster cupcakes. Such a great idea!!!
Oreo pops!

Monster topiaries decorated each side of the table.

The dinner tables were decorated with pumpkin buckets purchased at Walmart. $1 piece...can't beat that! :) To make things easier on me I packed a sandwich, grapes, juice box and cheese puffs in each bucket so that I wouldn't have to worry about making dinner during the party.

Used some monster pieces from the printable set to jazz up the juice boxes. I don't what it is about me but I just can't serve up undecorated juice boxes. (Weirdo)

Before we had dinner the kids went on a monster hunt to adopt a monster. I told them that there was a group of nice monsters that didn't fit in with the mean monsters. They were misfits and weren't allowed to live with the mean monsters. It was their job to find the nice monsters, adopt them and give them a nice home where they will fit in. :)

I hid numbers inside of easter eggs and had the kids find one egg. Each bag was marked with a number and had a monster inside. If the number inside your egg matched the number on the bag the monster was yours!!!See this little guy peeking out...
Here they are...and Yes, I made them all. All 23 of them. OMG. NEVER again. lol
By number 16 I was done...never wanted to see a needle or felt or a monster again. ;)

But I finished up and did it. 23.... 23 HAND SEWN (I'm just sayin) monsters.

It was a big hit. The kids were so excited to get their monsters so it was totally worth it. :)

Dinner time!!! (mass chaos!)

And the dads were busy as well (as all the moms were taking care of the kids). ;)

(this picture makes me roll my eyes every time I see it! So typical...) hehehe

After dinner it was dessert time!! Actually, every minute of Hallowen night is dessert time so we'll call this monster making/eating time).

Look at some of these CUTE creations!!!!

Sweet little Ryder, I mean Piglet, enjoying his monster oreo.

The first time I've ever wanted to kidnap a child was last night when this little guy walked through my door. Is he not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?!

My Liv, with a mouthfull of cupcake. The girl was covered in chocolate and icing. All sugared up and the trick or treating hadn't even begun yet.

What do you do with 23 kids???

Make some carnival type games to keep them busy.

Bottle toss....
Pop the monster! (inside each balloon was a little prize)

Feed the monster (bean bag toss) and knock down the cans.

Instead of doing individual prizes for each game I put together a prize bag. If you played every game you got a prize bag full of fun Halloween goodies.

Here is a picture of me with all my helpers...sweet hubby who helped me clean before and after the party. My sweet baby girl Bailey who was my assistant party planner. The girl would not let me do it alone. She was so eager to help set everything up and did a great job assisting mama with party preperation. And my awesome mom who got the girls dressed in their costumes while I ran around my house like a crazy woman getting last minute things done. And little Liv...well, you didn't help out, but you sure are CUTE so thats helpful. ;) Bailey's head is about to explode if I have to take one more picture of her before we go trick or treating.

That party was great and all, but I gotta get my trick or treat on!!!

Let the real party begin!!!!


  1. You are my hero! LOVE it all, Kate! Will you be my mommy???? Hope you and the family had a wonderful Halloween!!!


  3. A Wonderful Time Was Had By All! Thanks again friend.

  4. Ok, seriously, this might be the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen!!! Truly awesome. Looks like a GREAT time. Love Halloween :)
    P.S. Are the parts for the make-a-monster made of candy melts? Love that idea!

  5. .... also have to comment on the adopt a monster - that is a true labor of love (and maybe a 2nd career? they are adorable)!

  6. My goodness! I'm exhausted just thinking about all the prep that went into this. Just amazing.

  7. I usually never comment, but your comment about sewing all those little monsters made me laugh out loud, because I have totally been there! I spent most of January making 30 tutus and swore to myself that it would NEVER happen again, even though I would totally do it again. It's cheaper and better that way, right? I have a feeling you would probably do it again too! Thanks for sharing, looks awesome!

  8. Loving every single detail from this party! Good job.

  9. Amazing Party! I love all the details, best monster party I've ever seen!

  10. I took my son all around the web today looking for party ideas for his 5th birthday in May. It looks like we're having a MONSTER BASH! I'm so stinking excited. I'd better start now. haha Thanks for all of your hard work. It is seriously so fun to look at your blog. I get absolutely giddy when ever you have a new post!

  11. Oh my gosh. This is wonderful! My daughter will turn one in October and I'm wanting to do a monster theme for her party. I will not go out as much as you did, but thanks to you, I've got some great ideas for the party.

  12. OMG! You are amazing! I am planning a monster birthday party for my son's 1st birthday (in September) and have been crocheting monsters for the adopt a monster thing - thankfully I started the first of the year and can do it when I have time. This must of taken forever!! Amazing!

  13. Was looking and looking for a theme for my lil boy's 2nd birthday party and thanks to someone on pinterest I came across this. He is so going to have a monster party. Thanks so much, from sunny South Africa.

  14. Wow!!! This is impressive!! My daughter is turning 3 and really wants a monster party, lol!! It's right around Halloween and your decorating ideas are fantastic! Nicely done! Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. How did you make those cute little monster cake balls? So stinkin cute!!!

  16. I love this party theme. I wonder if you would share how you made the faces for the oreo pops? Was it fondant?

  17. Do you have patterns for the monsters you sewed? Please send me a response to

  18. Hi how are you? i read that you made all the felt monsters yourself. Do you have an etsy page or something where you actually make them and sell the things you make? I love this party theme and love that idea of the good monsters and would love to replicate it but i am not as handy lol.