Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wine and Wrap!!!

Last night I had a few girlfriends over for a Wine and Wrap party. It was such a fun (and productive) time!! We try to schedule a Girls Night Out each month and what better get together for December than a Wrap and Wine. I made a big pot of soup, turned on the Christmas music, the girls brought over their presents and some wrapping paper, we drank some adult beverages, chit chatted and WRAPPED!

I set up a table full of "wrapping treats". I actually got everything last year during the after Christmas clearance sales so all the wrapping treats were basically free. ;)

From scissors to tape, ribbons to bows, everything you needed to wrap up your gifts was neatly organized on a wrapping treats table.
As always, printables from Amanda's Christmas Collection. Find them at Amanda's Parties TO GO!

I wanted to have plenty of tape on hand...didn't want any ladies fighting and tables flipping over the last piece of tape! ;) hehe

I love how fun and PRODUCTIVE this party was! All my girlfriends left with all their gifts wrapped and such a weight lifted off their shoulders.

Merry Christmas and Happy Wrapping!!!!


  1. I just love your creative mind! I'm so happy you had a fun girls nite out! Your friends must have been in awe!

    Merry Christmas, girl!! Fabulous!!!

  2. How much creativity!
    Great idea!
    Congratulations! The word that fits is magnificent!


  3. How creative and CUTE! I may have to try this one just looks so expensive!

  4. It honestly isn't that expensive. I bought everything last year when it was clearance (75-90%) at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Everything was soooooooo cheap!!!! If you shop this year for next year you can really save. :)

  5. what a fantastic idea!! If I had all my presents bought, I'd totally steal this party theme. New follower :)

  6. What a great idea!! I think I will start a new tradition next year!

  7. my kind of party! Great idea to get the girls together!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  8. It was a great night! Thanks girl

  9. Super cute! I love it all, especially the backdrop!

  10. I went to the store today and bought all of the supplies that I'll need for next years wrapping party! (All for only $13.75!) I'm just so excited! Thanks for the fun idea! :) Just curious, I didn't notice any wrapping paper in the photos. Did everyone bring their own? How much did you go through? It was only $.61 a roll, so I got 10, but I'm worried that it may not be enough.

  11. I had everyone bring a roll or two to share! We didn't run out. :) I'm so excited for you for next year!! ARen't clearance sales the best?! OMG I get giddy over a deaL. LOL