Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're back!!!

Just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that the UNPAID internship has been filled. ;)

(isn't it nice to have a job where you can work in your pjs?!)

My newest assistant, Olivia is a work in progress, but its great to have some company in the kitchen. Her strengths include being funny, an unmatched enthusiasm for dumping the ingredients into the bowl, she thinks I'm awesome and she's free (kind of).

Weaknesses we need to work on include, but are not limited to....spills a lot, wants to eat the inventory, gets upset when I put the batter into the oven and doesn't like the sound of the mixer (she is really gonna have to get over that one!)

My sidekick and I are busy in the kitchen after a nice break from baking. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. Stay tuned because we are cookin up some pretty cakes along with an adorable bird themed baby shower for my sweet friend Katie and her little peanut Emily.

Gotta get back to it before the intern gets into more trouble!!!

Happy baking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!