Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dad turns 60!!!

My Dad turned 60 today! Happy Birthday Daddy-O!!! I'm not going to crack any jokes about you being old b/c all that does is bring up the point, if your dad is super old than that basically means you're no spring chicken yourself!? Right?!

So, this year we're focusing on how YOUNG my dad is. 60 is nothing. Its the new 16. ;) Meaning, I haven't even been born yet...that's how young I am. (don't you love how I turn HIS big day into a lesson on how young I am?!) Good grief, I'm really not normally this narcissistic. ;) must be going through a phase...heheheeh

Now, here is a picture of my dad. Why is he making that face you ask?? He just saw his cake for the first time and I think he liked it!!!! ;)

I made him a cake based on his favorite character from his favorite movie series.

Yoda meet dad, dad meet Yoda.

(Yoda is the only guy I know that genuinely makes 60 seem like a baby)

Sure, he looks a little creepy, but....

I'm proud of here are a couple more pictures b/c I'm not sure the other FOUR were enough. ;)