Friday, May 4, 2012

A cake for Mrs Phillips

Today my daughter's Kindergarten class celebrated their wonderful teacher Mrs Phillips.  Her birthday falls in the summer so a few of us got together a planned a little celebration for her before the school year ends. 
This is a cake I've been dying to try out for some time now so today was the perfect opportunity!!  The floating ice cream topper is made from rice krispie treats covered in fondant.  About 1/2 through stacking the ice cream scoops I thought to myself...WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!  All of a sudden it hit me: I have 8 miles to travel with this thing!!!!!  WHY, out of all the cakes I could have done did I choose the most stressful (to travel with) design!?!?  lol

But I made it.  The 8 mile trip felt like 80 miles, but it got there in one piece.  I'm not sure it survived much longer after I left as all the boys were trying to touch it to find out for themselves if it was REAL ice cream or not!  (poor teacher probably wanted to kill me for the HUGE distraction I brought in!)

Kids are the best!!!  (so is cake)

And if you need a fun teacher present idea try this one out!  I found this idea on pintrest (where else).  I got the parents to chip in $5 towards a gift.  Once I got all the money I headed to the bank, got $105 CRISP DOLLA BILLS, taped them together (end to end) and put them in a tissue box with one dollar bill sticking out, tag reading "Don't blow it all in one place!".  So when you pull on the first dollar bill the second comes out, third, fourth, so on, so on....

According to my daughter the kids got a kick out of it and together the class counted all the bills. One loooong string of 105 one dollar bills.

What do you think she'll do with all those dollar bills???  te-he-he-he-he 

So there you go...a fun gift idea (annoying yes, to both the giver and reciever as taping bills and un-taping bills is annoying) but its fun none the less!

Happy Birthday Mrs Phillips!!! 
Good teachers like you make the world go round!!!!!!!


  1. Wow this is amazing! You're super talented! :)

  2. Love this cake as much as I do all of your cakes and parties! Just wondering how did you stack the scoops of ice cream? You are one amazing mom!! ;-)

  3. The ice cream scoops are rice krispie treat. There is a wooden dowel through the middle, coming up through the cone. Then I wrapped a thick wire around the dowel and strung the scoops through. So they are being held on by a wooden dowel and thick wire gage.

    1. Thank you for taking the tme to answer my question! I hope to try this some time!

  4. You are so creative! And that cake is such a cute stunner!