Friday, July 13, 2012

ME WANT Cookie!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Mr Walker who is turning the big O-N-E this Saturday!!  

Walker is a Sesame Street enthusiast with a real passion for Cookie Monster.  His mama chose a Sesame Street party, emphasis on Cookie.  

So here you are...

Cookie's eyes are made out of cake pops.  Bet you had no idea his eyes were so yummy!! ;)

Who took a bite out of the number one???
That was YOU, wasn't it Cookie!?!?!
(don't ever turn your back on a Cookie Monster...if you're a cookie)

You didn't think I forgot about Elmo and his buddy Oscar did you?!?!!

And a cute little cookie monster smash cake for birthday boy Walker to dig into! :)  Love this little cake!!!!


  1. Just discovered your blog today and I think it's wonderful! You're very talented. :D

  2. Such a fun design (love the cookie fragments falling out of CM's mouth)! Great job!

  3. Darling,
    this is the most beautiful cake! You brilliant mind!