Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candy Corn Halloween!!!!

Today I had a little after school Halloween party with some of my daughter's good buddies.  It was a little bit of a last minute party as I started planning about a week and a half ago!!  I wasn't even sure I wanted to have a party until I stumble across  There, Holly has created the CUTEST candy corn printable set.  Candy corn- check!  Chevron- check!  Polka dots- check!!  Adorable design- check!  

Ok, that's it!!!  I'm havin' a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I added a little salty snack to the dessert table...cheese puffs.  Don't give me a hard time!!!  What is the point of adding anything healthy to the table at this point???  Only the highest quality food for these kids right?!?  ;)  Its ONE day mom and day of junk won't hurt! ;)

How yummy do these top hat cupcakes look????  Swirl of butter cream icing, dipped in candy melts.  OMG!  

The girls had so much fun at the party!  We kicked things off with a Halloween treasure hunt.  I had "scavenger like" clues leading the girls all over the house to different spots.  At each "spot" there would be a treasure and another clue (leading them to the next spot).  They LOVED this!  I got all my "treasures" last year on clearance sales so there was some pretty cool stuff!!  (and for cheap!)

There were 10 girls here so I split them up into groups.  Here is group #1 reading their clue...

Group #2 FLYING through the house to get to their next clue! ;)

Watch this...the treasure was hidden behind the couch...

LOL!!  How awesome/hilarious is this pic!?!!  Sweet silly girls.  :))

The treasure hunt ended with this precious three tier box of goodies.  I found these boxes last year on sale, but they were originally black/purple/green/orange, very cute, but not fitting with the candy corn theme soooo, I wrapped them with Holly's printables to "candy corn them up".  ;)

My little Bailey girl with her precious candy corn shirt.  Big ol' thanks to my mom!!  She was able to use Holly's design and somehow magically (with her new heat press) transfer the image a shirt.  SO CUTE!  Thanks MAAAMA!!  

And my other little monster and me. Olivia is wearing the same shirt as Bailey but do you THINK she could sit still for one second so I could capture her cuteness???

  Don't I SOOO have the "there is a baby on my hip driving me crazy, but I look totally calm like everything is normal" look down pat!?!?!

Sooooo, after the scavenger hunt they sat down to do a craft.    

I found some foam pumpkin cut outs at Hobby Lobby and decided to do something with them.  I wanted to stick with the candy corn theme, BUT I couldn't think of anything super cute.....So I came up with an idea to turn the pumpkin cut outs into OWLS!  

I know, totally doesn't go with the candy corn theme, but if there is anything better than candy corn its CUTE little owls!!!  I mean, HELLO!!! Right?

  So I came up with a design and used card stock to cut out all the shapes (wings, eyes, etc). 

My little Livie hard at work. Didn't she do such a great job!?!!?? (my mom might have been helping her a little)  ;)

How CUTTTTTE are these owls!?!?!  The girls did such a beautiful job.  Little future crafters!

What a fun time!  Thanks to all the mom's who let me borrow their kiddos for the afternoon. :))

 Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What an awesome party! I love the cake pops! I love all the packaging and decor too...everything. Cheese puff are the best, hey, anything is fine in moderation :) Looks like everyone had a great time

  2. Such a fun party for those girls! You did an awesome job I just love all the colors and the table decorating!

  3. O.M.G!!! You did it again!! I feel like a total creeper but I LOVE your site!!

    Hat's off to you for your amazing sense of style. You always amaze me with all of your parties and cake's

    You have been my inspiration for all 3 of my daughters birthdays :)

    Jennifer Tricoci

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  5. I love this!!!!? Where did you get the backdrop???

  6. Oh my gosh, how amazing is this party! I love everything about it. The treats, the decoration, the crafts and that incredibly fun scavenger hunt. LOVE it!

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