Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy V-OWL-entines day Party!!!

Oops we did it again!!!  Another party.  I'm an addict! ;)  But I have a good excuse this time...
Oh my goodness gracious JUST WAIT until you see this fabulous new Valentines collection that Amanda from AMANDAS PARTIES TO GO has cooked up!!  It is so stinking adorable, full of all kind of goodies and GUESS WHAT...drum roll please....
ITS A FREEBIE!!!! <--click font="" get="" here="" it="" to="">
So yeah, its a little early for a Valentines Day party, but when she showed me this collection I couldn't hold back.  ;) 
I'm a sucker for owls, a sucker for freebies AND a sucker for good ol' FUN! ;)
So here it is...our V-OWL-entines Day shindig.

As always...cake comes first. ;)

Cupcakes next.

This owl is 100% looking at us saying,
"PLEASE. Please don't eat me! I'm so cute and little and sweet.  Try another dessert, there's like a hundred on the table.  Move on...."

 Ombre "cupcakes". Swoon!

Rice krispie treats! 

Ummmm....can cake pops GET any cuter!?!?!!  No.  They can't. 

You've got mail!!!  No bills here, just candy bars. (covered in Amanda's printables of course!)

Chocolate covered oreos with fondant toppers.

More owl cake pops.  I could look at them all day... ;)

 I love these lollipop covers that Amanda designed.  How clever huh!?!!?
 Candy hearts on sticks.  (everything on a stick is so much more fun, am I right?!)


OK so this is where you start thinking I'm a little weird...
These are juice boxes, covered in scrapbook paper and turned into owls.  Yes.  I did that. My husband told me I've officially gone mad.  ♥  Oh, but its soooo fun to be crazy! ;)

 Love these centerpieces...


 Party favors.  Stacked boxes filled with Valentine party favors and candy.

 The girls brought valentines to exchange.  I made these adorable felt valentine holders for the back of the chairs.  They were very easy to make!


Included in this freebie is coloring pages and activity sheets. I also had other crafts for the girls including a frame to paint and decorate with stickers and a little owl bead necklace to sting together.

My precious Bailey girl.  Soooo excited and ready for her party!!

Someone's here!!   Lets get this party started!!!!
The whole crew.  They all brought their American Girl dolls as their valentines. ;)

Will someone tell me why my little Olivia always has to make crazy faces when taking group shots?!!?  I mean seriously...look at her!!!  lol  Bless MY heart.  That one...she is a crazy nut!!! 
The first thing they did was exchange they're valentines.  They couldn't wait.  ;) Check out the adorable Valentines included in Amanda's freebie.  SO adorable. 
They look that much cuter with Olivia's little signature on them do they not!?! ;) 
Then it was on to crafts...


THEN....SNACK TIME!!!  (dessert time technically)
Sippin on her owl juice box. ♥

Snack time included tea party time with their dolls.


They had such a fun time and so did I! ;)  Thanks again to Amanda of Amanda's Parties To Go for creating the most amazing freebie EVER!!!!!  Get your little behind over to her site and get your hands on this one.  


  1. Oh my gosh! So much cuteness in one post! I love the owls and all the sweets. Amazing!

  2. I LOVE your parties!! They are always decorated so cute!

  3. OMG! Your party is AMAZING! Everything else looks adorable! Great job!
    I was wondering how you made those cute juice boxes?

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