Saturday, April 12, 2014

Olivia's Farm Party!!!

Oh my goodness what a whirlwind couple of weeks this has been!!  I CANNOT believe I'm just now getting around to posting my sweet Olivia's 5th birthday party pics (party was over two weeks ago)!!  It was SUCH a great time!! 
We decided on a farm theme since our Livie loves animals. ♥ Amanda from Amandas Parties To Go just came out with THE MOST ADORABLE farm theme collection that totally inspired me to have a super fun on the farm shindig!  You're going to fall in love with these farm printables.  Every printable design came from her SHOP.  She fabulous and you must check her out riiiiiiiight HERE!
Aaaaand before we begin the pictures I must make a confession...I hate cookies.  Well, I don't hate cookies, but I hate MAKING them!  UGH.  They're so time consuming and honestly, down right HARD to do!  SO, this time I outsourced.  I teamed up with the amazingly talented Beth from Decorated Desserts.  You can check out her other creations HERE at her Etsy SHOP.  Her cookies are amazing!!
Ok, enough gibber gabber.  Lets get on with it.  Here is my sweet Livie bear's 5th birthday paaarty! 


 Chicken cake pops

Chocolate covered oreos with fondant toppers

moooooore cake pops.

The amazing cookies from Decorated Desserts
 Are they not amazing!?!?!
Strawberries disguised as carrots... 

Cupcakes dressed up with Amanda's collection.  HOW ADORABLE!?!?!?!





 Livie was excited to get her party started!!! :)

Carrot napkins...

To keep the kiddos entertained we had baby bunnies and baby ducks to pet and hold.  These little critters were a HUGE hit!!!!

We also had a chicken egg hunt for the kiddos.  Each guest was given an egg carton and told that the farm chicken laid a bunch of eggs, but the wind blew them all away and it was up to them to find all the lost eggs.  ;)

 As you can see they were VERY excited about this game!!!  Off to find their eggs!

Inside the eggs we put candy and other little goodies.
Each guest was also given their own little wooden barn. 

For the craft activity we had the little ones paint their barn.


And then it was time for birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!!



What a FUN party!!!  Thank you so much to Amanda for coming up with THE cutest farm design.  It was perfect!  And Beth, your cookies rock!!!  Bunnies and ducks, you were the life of the party!  Guests/ made my baby's day!!!
And one more Happy Birthday sweet Livie.  You are the light of my life and I love you all the way to the farm and back!!! ;)


  1. What a beautiful party! Everything is gorgeous, and looks like the kids had a blast. I am planning a farm birthday party for my little one and I would love for the kids to paint a wooden barn during craft time. Where did you get those?

  2. What a fantastic theme! I love how vibrant everything looked! Love the dessert table :)

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  4. Everything was so perfect and precious! Love the wooden barns you had for craft time. Where did you find those? Super cute! We're having a barnyard party for my youngest daughter and I've been searching for a wooden barn to give as favors.

  5. Love everything about your party!! What type of grass did you use in the white picket fence boxes?

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