Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bailey's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

I have been receiving a lot of response about the past couple parties I have thrown for my girls so I decided to post a few (ok a zillion, lol) pictures from Bailey's 3rd Birthday Party. We had a Disney Carnival. I had SO MUCH fun with this theme and as you can see, had A LOT of time on my hands as I started planning and preparing for this party about 5 months in advance (most importantly before Olivia was born!).

First off...Brian and I, the world's most embarrassing parents!!! LOL Gotta love the matching shirts. ;)

This was my second decorated cake I had ever made. Stayed up so late the night before w/ this bad boy! It was HUGE and a big challenge for a beginner "cakester". :)

The only real bummer of this party was that it RAINED! :( Throughout the entire planning process I had always pictured the party outside. Well, a week before the party the weather was fore casted to RAIN so I started cleaning out the garage and planning for an indoor carnival. It actually turned out really cool and maybe even better!!! :) (the glass is always full right?!)

Every carnival needs a ticket booth!!! I made this from an old box and wrapping paper tubes. So much fun! :) If you haven't noticed yet, I LOVE to craft!

The bags sat on top of the ticket booth. They were for each child to collect their prizes in from the carnival games.

I saw a carnival sign at Potterybarn Kids that I fell in love with but it was $90. OUTRAGEOUS!!! So I made my own from felt. SUPER EASY! BUUUUT, I will say I was shopping about a week after I made this sign and I found an almost identical Carnival sign at Hobby Lobby for like $8!! Go figure!!!

I did these signs myself using a projector to project the image on the poster board. I traced it and then painted. Time consuming, but again I LOVE crafting so its right up my alley.

This was a bean bag game...throw the bean bag into Pooh's honey pot.

Random centerpiece...

Waterbottle labels I made...

I swear everything at this party was homemade! lol I got headbands from Target and spray painted them black. Then I used black foam to cut out ears and hot glued them onto the headbands, made little bows out of red and white polka dot fabric and VOILA!! Minnie and Mickey ears. (omit the bow for Mickey)

The birthday girl and her little sister had matching outfits. Little Olivia was only 6 weeks old!!! Just a little peanut.....

A menu sign I made out of posterboard...and the letters were cut out using my Cricut.

The table!!!

The centerpiece.

A birthday hat I made for B. 3 little candles on top. :) I made this from foam sheets.

LOTS AND LOTS of balloons! This was ONE COLORFUL party!!
I had to put the jumper inside, again b/c it rained. :(

Mickey Mouse came!! (Brian dressed up) He was a hit although I will say I don't think we needed him. All the kids were so busy w/ everything else they wouldn't have missed him if he weren't there. ;)

One of Bailey's FAVORITE things to do is decorate cookies so of course we had to do that!!!

I was very big into making cards last year so of course I made all the thank yous.

And last but not least, little B blowing out the candles. What a FUN party we had last year!!!!!!!

IF you're still looking after all those pictures, THANKS for checking us out!!! :)


  1. Soo cute, you did a lot of work! We did a carnival party for my daughter's 4th b-day and I saved everything and now we do a Halloween carnival each year!

  2. So cute!!! I bet all the kids who came thought they were in Heaven!!! Great job...and gorgeous cake, as usual.

  3. What a great idea to tie the Disney theme into a carnival one! Not sure if I could manage all those crafts, but your pictures have definitely inspired me to try :)

    @Shawna - smart idea! A Halloween carnival sounds like so much fun and it's definitely a party any kid or adult will enjoy year after year.

  4. I AM IMPRESSED! I love all the game ideas and everything you created!! Congrats!

  5. OMG! That was a fantastic party!!! I'm needed some more "home made" ideas since everything that is for rent is SO expensive! You are very artistic and creative. I'm stealing some ideas! Thanks!

  6. Very cute! Did you make your ticket booth? If so, how (if you don't mind sharing)

  7. I can't seem to find tose cute Mickey plates... where did you find them?? Thanks!!!

  8. I would love to see an tutorial on how you put the carnival ticket booth together. Everything looks amazing.

  9. I am very impressed with these but do you offer instructions on the ticket booth?