Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Aren't these cupcakes adorable!?!?!
I just love how soft and feminine these colors are. What a pretty little cupcake to celebrate a bride! :)
Happy bridal shower Renee!!!


  1. You are amazing! This is the first blog I look at each day. You inspire me!

  2. I love the ruffle look of the frosting. What tip did you use for that?

  3. So lovely and love how you did the swirling! Can you share what tip number you used to make these? Love if you would comment at my blog!!

  4. Hello! Would you mind telling me what tip number you used for these cupcakes? I have a cake business and I'm making cupcakes for my best friend's bridal shower this weekend. That's the look I'm going for. Thanks!

  5. Are the hearts made our of fondant? If so what did you use to "monogram" them? Love Love Love these