Saturday, March 26, 2011

French Poodle Birthday

This cake is for my very bestest friend Merey. I love this girl! She is pure joy to be around...goofy, FUN, sweet and funny. When you're around her you're laughing. She is awesome!

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful friend in my life and I wanted to create a cake that would fit her personality...beautiful, sweet, classy, girly and a little silly. :) Thats my friend to a tee! So I know its likely not typical to have poodles on your 30th birthday cake, but if you knew works. Its odd and I'm not even sure why, but poodles have been our little inside "joke thing" for years and years. Every time one of us sees a poodle we call each other, every birthday card we give each other has a poodle on it, almost every Christmas there is a poodle ornament exchanged.

Poodles. God love 'em; they're great. :) I had to add them.

Their names, Fred and Fredina.

I cannot wait to present this cake to her tonight at her surprise birthday party that her sweet hubby is throwing her. I honestly think she is going to die when she realizes her romantic dinner is actually a surprise party!!!


A very surprised birthday girl! :)

All she kept saying was "Oh me! Oh me!!!" lol Speechless. Me and my college girlies...Carol on the left, Merey, myself and Delaine on the end. I have all their 30th birthday cakes crossed off my list. Lots of 30th celebrations this year! It seems like just last year we were turning 19 together! Amazing how time flys...

Me and my hubby...the man behind the cakes. :)


  1. scratch that...phenomenal job on that cake. It is unbelievable!!

  2. Oh, the details on that cake are just adorable! But even more wonderful is the great bonding among your dear friends!