Sunday, May 1, 2011

Following in mommy's foot steps....

Today is my sweet husband's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

With such a busy week behind me and a trip to Disney coming up he made me promise not to make him a cake. (I was relieved because I'm about all caked out!!!) But this morning sweet Bailey girl woke up and wished her daddy a happy birthday...then turned to me and whispered "I want to put the Goofy toy on daddy's cake".

Uh oh...don't have a cake!

Or do I??? :)

Yesterday we had Bailey's Fancy Nancy birthday party (pics to come) and the top tier of her birthday cake was not cut into...

So Bailey and I went downstairs while daddy and Livie watched Sunday cartoons. Bailey redecorated the cake. She chose the design and colors (b/c green and blue are daddy's favorite colors). She wanted to put Goofy on it b/c thats her daddy's favorite Disney character and of course, he is goofy! :) And she wanted to put an "8" on it b/c thats daddy's favorite number. (I swear she knows all her daddy's favorite things!) And since he is turning 38 it was definitely appropriate to put an 8 it! :)

She did everything herself...rolled the fondant, cut out the numbers, put them on the cake, rolled the "balls" of fondant and placed them on the cake. I loved watching her decorate with such confidence. She is great. One day she'll be my right hand girl...or shoot, maybe I'll be working for her!

So without further adieu, I present to you....

Daddy's Cake.

By Bailey Petronis

(so proud of herself!)

Forget breakfast in bed...around here its CAKE in bed!!!


  1. That is so precious!! I love her little face in the first picture. Such a daddy's girl. I love it!!! =) Happy Birthday to you husband and great job Bailey!!

  2. LOVE this!! Your family is so adorable!!

  3. Awwwww! How sweet! Love Bailey's expression. She looks so proud of Brian's expression, too. I think you have some serious competition here! She did a great job on that cake!

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