Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday!!!

I pulled up my blog the other day and discovered I have 395 followers. 395 followers?!?!?! REALLY!? To some that may not seem like a lot, but to ME...it seems like a TON! WHY in the world would anyone want to follow my blog?? A blog with some pictures of some cakes...a party every now and then. I started feeling guilty about boring my poor 395 followers to death! So I have decided to add a little element of interest to keep y'all happy!! :)

And thats when I came up with TIPSY TUESDAY!!!! Every Tuesday this summer I will post a TIP...maybe a tutorial, a cute dessert idea, a fun craft tip, a party idea...any kind of sweet tip that I think y'all will enjoy.

My first Tipsy Tuesday has to do with GRADUATION! In honor of my sweet baby Bailey who graduated from preschool this past week I made some chocolate covered Oreos topped off with graduation caps. They're such a super easy dessert idea that anyone can do!

I was going to make a tutorial for the graduation caps when I came across basically the exact same idea demonstrated here. Great tutorial to show how easy these little graduation caps are!!!

And in case you're wondering how I got my chocolate Oreos so perfect...well, I'd like to say it was all me...I'm so super talented with chocolate...but that would be a lie. ;) You MUST check out these cookie molds!!! HERE I SO wish I had these for my Fancy Nancy party b/c my chocolate covered Oreos were a little sorry. These molds make it so easy to create these little desserts.

Congrats to all the graduates out there, big and small!!

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  1. Way to go! Make it 397