Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Tie T-shirt!

Today's tipsy Tuesday has nothing to do with desserts, but its still sweet...

(b/c there is nothing sweeter than embarrassing your husband) ;)

Father's Day is almost here and we're in full out prepare mode! I was so excited when Amanda at Shindig Parties TO GO posted her Father’s Day Tie collection b/c not only is it gorgeous, FREE and FULL of great ideas, but also it gave me a great theme to work with! If you know me I love taking a theme and running with it!

So this father’s day I’m going Tie crazy! I plan on assisting the kids with tie themed crafts to make for their Daddy, I’m going to deck the house out in tie decorations, I’m making tie themed cake balls and I’m even “tie-ing in” the theme (see what I did there?) with matching shirts for the day!! (I know, my kids have the most embarrassing mom in the world, isn't it great?!)

Its going to be a Tie-riffic Daddy’s Day!!

I’ve seen this done on onesies for little baby boys and I’ve always adored them. Unfortunatly with two girls I never had a reason to make one. And since I’m not waiting around for a little boy to show up anytime soon, Father's Day is a great reason to make one!

Ok, so we've all heard it...guy complains about how he has to wear a tie. It cuts off his circulation, can't hardly breath, feels like he's on a leash, yadda yadda yadda. (try wearing panty hose!! Am I right ladies?!) Its a fact that guys don't really like wearing ties, so this year don't give him another boring ol' tie that he'll hate to wear. This year you're gonna give your celebrated man the most comfortable tie in the world!

Ties make you look smarter and feel smarter. People definitely take you more seriously if you're wearing a tie and NOW you can accomplish all these qualities in the comfort of a T-SHIRT! ;) You can't wear this shirt without feeling like you'reWINNING!” (whatever happend to that Charlie Sheen guy?).

Take my daughters for example…still feminine in their ties, but they definitely look like they know their way around the boardroom!

Ok, so I've made my sales pitch.

Did it work?

Wanna make one or two or three?

Listen up, I'll show you how!

First, get yourself a shirt or tank top. I got mine from Old Navy. Craft stores have inexpensive shirts too! You’ll need a little bit of fabric (two coordinating fabrics for each tie) and some Heat and Bond.

I used the sewable strength Heat and Bond on my shirts b/c I did an appliqué stitch around the edge. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can do a hand stitch. OR get a high strength Heat and Bond and don’t worry about sewing!

Use the template to trace your tie on the Heat and bond.

Once you have traced the tie onto the heat and bond, cut it out and iron it onto the back side of your fabric.

Then cut out the tie...

Do the same for the top part of the tie.

And now comes the fun part. Remove the paper backing from the Heat and Bond and iron it on your shirt, starting with the long part of the tie first.

Then add the “knot” of the tie, iron it on and TA DAAAAA!!!! You have a fancy shmancy tie shirt!

You can leave it like this or do an appliqué stitch to finish it off. Make it as difficult or easy as you please.

Here is mine… all business!! And I can vouch for its comfort. I worked out in mine. So comfortable I forgot I was even wearing a tie! ;)

My plan for Fathers Day is to go downstairs with the girls, make Brian some breakfast, decorate the kitchen and invite him down for some pancakes where the girls and I will be wearing our matching shirts. He’ll think cute! He’ll oooh and awww, all that good stuff…then I’ll surprise him with his and make him put it on. Wah ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

Who knows what Brian is going to end up doing with it…this shirt may be pushing it for a grown man. (there, I admitted it) At the very least he can cut off the sleeves and use it as a yard work shirt which I’m totally fine with. Anyone who wears a tie while working in the yard means BUSINESS! I’m gonna have the best looking yard on the block! ;)

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to make your own tie t-shirt for your family or Dad of the hour.

Happy Fathers Day to all you great dads out there!!! Have a Tie-riffic Day!!!


  1. You are so frigging hilarious! I love this!

  2. Love your enthusiasm and your very entertaining tie-shirt tutorial! Hope you'll post how the great "tie reveal" goes on Father's Day!

  3. You are nuts! No wonder you fit in the family so well. Nice photo in Mom and Dad's backyard, too... See ya!

  4. Am I totally missing the obvious - I can't seem to find the template??? It's been a long could be staring me right in the face...I must make these b/c they're fantastic...thanks for the brilliant idea...please don't leave it up to me to make the template or they'll come out looking like a sad, abstract shape on a t-shirt!!