Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday...Fathers Day Treats!!!

This is a looooong Tipsy Tuesday with two types of Father's Day cake pops! Stick with me b/c we've got some cute dessert ideas for your Dad/Stepdad/Husband/Grandfather/animal owner!

These first cake pops are for the GOLF enthsiast! My dad loves anything golf! ANYTHING golf. So he is going to love these. And even though he is on a no carb/no starch/no sugar diet, he is GOING to eat one of these and he'll LIKE IT! ;)
(some people say my dad has a bossy daughter...not sure how that rumor got started???)

Ok so let me show you how to make these cute little trophy cake pops! First, find some trophies. I found mine at the Dollar Tree. I've also seen them at Party City.

Add a little candy melt to the bottom of the trophy, then press some styrofoam in. Then add more candy melts. You want to add the candy melts to hold the styrofoam in place AND to weigh the trophy down. These trophies may be cute, but surprisingly they aren't solid gold...what CAN you buy with a dollar these days!?!?! SHEESH!

After you have poured the chocolate insert 1/2 of a 6 inch lollipop stick in making sure it goes through the styrofoam as well as the chocolate. You might need to add a little more chocolate once the stick is in place b/c some of it seems go down with the lollipop stick. Also, give it a little tap on the counter to even out the chocolate.

And you're done! Isn't it cute?

Just kidding...

Next step is to put it in the refrigerator to allow the chocolate to harden....and then its a waiting game. Wait and wait and wait (which I HATE to do) b/c you want that chocolate to be firm.

I passed the time by folding laundry and feeding the little one lunch (big sister is at gymnastics camp this week!).

OK OK...So I didn't fold the laundry! But I did take a picture of it, and I thought about how great of an idea it was, but then I got distracted.

Instead I took 76 pictures of Olivia being cute, read 5 Mickey Mouse books, did a puzzle, took a phone call and got Olivia busy with her blocks. By the time that was all done the chocolate was ready. I can't be folding laundry if the chocolate is ready!!!!

Now that the waiting game is over, add a little dollop of chocolate on the top of the stick and add your cake ball. Put it back in the refrigerator for a few minutes to firm up.

Time to cover the cake pop!! Melt your candy melts in a bowl with a generous dollop of vegetable shortening. (white needs more than the colored candy melts) The shortening helps to thin the candy melts so they don't come out all clumpy! If it ends up being too thin you can always add more candy melts to thicken it.

See how nice and thin that chocolate is?! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hold your cake pop over the bowl, use a spoon to pour the chocolate over the ball. Once the cake pop is covered, use white sprinkles to give it a resemblance of a golf ball.

To make the golf "tee" use a triangle piece of fondant (I know it looks like a piece of cheese, but its not) and work it around the exposed lollipop stick, wide end close to the cake ball, the narrow point towards the bottom.

And VOILA, you have a golf ball, trophy #1 Dad cake pop!
The other cake pops were done using the same method, just covering in different color candy melts and topped off with a simple circle piece of fondant, a white Sixlet candy and a tooth pick w/ a paper flag.

Ok, and if the dad to be isn't so much a golfer, just a good all around hard workin' kinda guy then these next cake pops might be for him!

Once again, Amanda of Shindig Parties to Go has created a printable set for Father's Day! I LOVE this collection! Its FREE and its gorgeous, and full of ways to dress up your house, food, and gifts for dad!

I used the little tie cupcake toppers to dress up my Tie-riffic Fathers Day cake pops! Take a look!

Wouldn't these little ties be so cute as toppers for dad's pancakes in bed breakfast?! Hot glue or tape them to a lollipop stick or wooden skewer and stick them in his pancakes before you serve them to him for a little added touch of WE LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Oh look! I actually practiced that very same idea this morning AND took pictures...thats funny. ;)

Don't you love Livie with her mustache straw?! ;)

Back to my pops...these are cute too! :)

I created a quick tutorial to show how simple these little tie cake pop toppers are. All you need is a little fondant and a knife!

And how did I make the cake pop stand you ask?

Well, it was very EASY and CHEAP!

Which by the way, I am not. Just thought I'd clear that up. :)

I used a 2 by 4 piece of wood, 15 inches long. I painted it brown, drilled 6 holes in it (drill bit the same size as lollipop sticks) and covered the top with scrapbook paper.

Like I said, EASY and CHEAP!

WHEW! Ok. I'm done! That was a LONG post. Hopefully you stuck with me, didn't get bored and got some inspiration for the man you're celebrating this weekend!

Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads out there!!!

Where would the world be without good ole dad??


  1. Didn't get bored at all! You write a mean "witty" post, interspersed with all the actual how-to steps. Both these Father's Day treats ideas are so cute...I'm sure your Dad will love his golf one!

  2. What cute ideas! Cake pops really intimidate me, but maybe I'll muster up the guts to try some for Father's Day. :)

  3. Absolutely inspired! These are great! Your Dad is going to be delighted with such brilliant gifts!

  4. Love your writing, makes me giggle.
    Those cake pops are great! Thinking about making ones with soccer balls ;)

  5. I just love coming to your blog, Little Miss Creative! You blow me away every.time.every.time.every.time.

  6. Your blog, your parties, your decorations, your artwork, your pics are AMAZING !
    I'm your newest follower ;)
    ~Maria Elena~

  7. Kate, you're tha' best!!! thank you for these terrific ideas!!

  8. Love these! Such a great idea. :)

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