Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dancing Jungle Animals

This cute little cake was created for my neighbor who is throwing a baby shower for one of her cousins. She wanted to base the cake off the nursery bedding. Dancing safari cute!!!!
I thought a pair of baby ballet shoes would make the perfect topper for this sweet cake...

Meet these super talented animals....not only do they survive the harsh elements of the wild, but they also do ballet!!!  (I'm guessing these are probably pampered zoo animals...not real African hard core wild ones, but I could be wrong)


  1. Adorable! One of the cutest cakes ever!

  2. Thanks Kate for baking this beautiful and delicious cake. I loved it at my baby shower.

  3. Where is this bedding from.. I want it for my nursery!!

    1. Got this bedding for my daughter-to-be at Baby's R Us.
      Super cute.

  4. Where can I get those animal topper for the cake.Please!!!