Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ooooh, you're making me blush!!!!!

Ok y'all...just gonna forewarn might be time to put the eye-muffs on the kids. This one is for girls only, bachelorette style party cakes!! ;)

I've had several requests for these little cakes for bachelorette/lingere parties. They are SOOOO fun to make and always make me smile. (and my husband tells me its some of my best work...he could just stare and stare and stare all that I think of it, should that offend me????) ;))

And if you thought the party stopped there, think again!!!
Margarita Pops for all!!!!
(these girls know how to do it up!!!)


  1. Adorable!! How do you make the.... for lack of better words... "boobies and booties" cakes?? Are those cake bites?

  2. Cuteeeeee!!! love, love, love them! yeah, please share how you made the 'little' cakes :)

  3. Lol The boobies and booties are made from mini Wilton pans. (the mini ball pan and mini wonder mold pan) Super easy!!!!!!!