Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy Halloween cupcake!

If you're looking for an EASY and unique Halloween cupcake then look no further!! I have just the thing. :) I recently saw a version of this cupcake topper on One Charming Party. It was created for an art party and incorporated all different colors. When I saw it I thought, what an easy and great Halloween cupcake topper that would make if you used just orange and black!!

Wanna know how to do it??

First you start off with some candy and black.

Melt a few candy melts in a plastic baggy with a TINY hole on one of the corners. Then squeeze out the chocolate in whatever pattern you like. You could do zigzags like I did, or circles, triangles, diamonds,a combination of several shapes, whatever you doesn't matter and that's exactly what makes this project so easy!!!! The more you mess up the better it looks!

Layer with black....

More orange going in a different direction....

Layer with more black....
And you're done!!

Unique and Easy!!!

Give it a try!`


  1. That's a great topper. We don't seem to have candy melts here in the UK, will need to look out for some when on our vacation in Florida, would love to try it.