Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

How cute is this theme for a one year old!?! I love it!!!

A better view of the characters...

And it of course was topped off with a pizza b/c teenage mutant ninja turtles LOVE their pizza!! ;)

Mr Finn's smash cake...

And now, a few party ideas for your TMNT party!!!
click to enlarge

Gotta have PIZZA on the menu!! It is a staple in the TMNT's diet!
To the right is the tissue paper poms. Red, orange, blue and purple to represent the different turtle characters. And then of course lots of green!
Is that turtle watermelon not the cutest!!?! I love it. Carve your hollowed out watermelon to look like a turtle and fill it with fruit salad!
Add little toy rats all around the house for decor. These turtles live in the sewer so rats are definitely invited to this party!
Check out Oriental trading for some toy ninja swords to pass out as party favors. Add in some TMNT masks and it will be great entertainment during the party!
For a cute and EASY craft for little hands check out this pizza craft from Family Fun.
Next is more party favors! Slime would be a great one (again b/c they live in the yucky sewers) And then for cute drinking cups to dress up your table check out these trash can cups.
Directly below the cups is some colorful candy that would be perfect to match the TMNT colors! Pictured here are Twizzlers and Skittles.
And then beside that...last but not least a great table scape idea! Replace the yellow strip of fabric with purple and you have all the colors you need to complete a TMNT table!


  1. I love the pizza on top! Very cute cake!

  2. By this point in the season, there's something to be said for generic bombast that at least has the courtesy to come in under two hours.

  3. Another loud, obnoxious, ninety minute commercial with no grasp on what makes the source material it's adapting so appealing.