Friday, September 10, 2010

Under the Sea Theme

And now, a few party ideas for an under the sea theme!!!!
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How fun would goldfish as party favors be!?!?! Feeder fish are so inexpensive and you can get the little fish bowls at the Dollar Store. And the tags here.
Or if you don't feel like going to "live animal" route you can always get little beach pails and fill them up with all kinds of goodies.
Check out this Etsy Shop for these custom party hats and tags.
And remember Sand Art? What an appropriate activity for an under the sea party!!

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I love the table centerpieces THIS party had. Filling glass vases with blue water and wrapping the goggles around. How clever!!
And another great activity/game for an under the sea party would be the fishing game. A simple game of using paper fish w/ paperclips attached. Make a fishing pole out of a rod, a string and a magnet. The children can fish for prizes!!!

And how cute are these porcupine fish straw cups!? Found here.

For menu ideas you could use a fish cookie cutter to turn your average ol' PB&J into cute fish sandwiches. And OMG I am loving these hotdogs turned squid!!! Octodogs!!! I love these!!!


  1. I just ADORE your party ideas and cakes! So glad I found your blog =)

  2. Oh my goodness how cute! I'm planning my son's first birthday...this has got my brain going. Eeeee...

  3. Um, those octopus hot dogs are just the cutest!