Monday, September 26, 2011

Trophy Husband Party!!!

This past weekend we had a good ol' time here at the Petronis house! We held our 2nd annual Trophy Husband party...redneck theme.

What a hilarious time!!!

We had the same crowd as last year, a really great group of friends, and it was a blast! I have to say, if you need a laugh, belly achin' kind of laughs, throw a redneck/white trash bash! It was great. Everyone dressed the part...mullets, wife beaters, cut off jean shorts, flip flops, high tops, or no shoes at was great. So great.

Just looking at your friends all dressed up, trying to carry on a normal conversation was enough entertainment!!! But I added some games to the mix (think...dizy bat, plungers, toilet paper) and the newly wed game. There were gag gifts, Christmas lights strung, deer heads for decoration and Nascar everywhere.

Here are some pics of the decorations...
My front yard...ain't she beautiful?

Hotdog Bar!!!

I couldn't resist...had to paint a giant hotdog for a background.

Toppings included, potato chips, cheese, onions, chili, baked beans, coleslaw, jalapenos, relish, bacon, mustard and, well, ketchup...duh!

I'm sneaking a little shot of some of the guys helping themselves to a hotdog...I promised everyone no embarrassing pics on my blog, but I can't help but post this. hehehe

And if you eat all of your hotdog you get dessert, of course!!!

Only the finest pastries for this crowd!

Swiss cake rolls and pink Sno Balls, w/ toppers I made to really run the theme into the ground. ;)

I finally had an excuse to bring out all the fine china...

Aren't these cups perfect!?! Found them at Walmart...then I made them a little more fancy w/ the duct tape (also found at Walmart).

The wine glasses were made by glueing glass candle stick holders onto jars. I took it an extra step by adding feathers and animal print. FANCY!!! Me and my man, Bubba Jr. Go ahead, you can say it.... I'm one lucky lady! ;)
You BEST not be lookin' at my man y'all!!!!!!! ;)


  1. That is hysterical! Looks like you put alot of work into that party :)

  2. This is frackin hilarious. Can't stop giggling over it. Brilliant! :)))

  3. LOVE IT!!! So funny and cute! Love the front yard...hahahaha!

  4. I laughed... but kept thinking "I've lived this." At one point my Dad and ex step-mom lived in a place called Jeisyville with a pop of about 60 people and was out in farm country in IL. So I feel slightly put off and entertained at the same time. Did you do it up right? Wine from a box, Shania Twain and Garth Brooks, kids running 'round underfoot while you yell at them to get away from the bonfire?

  5. And now I want some hostess treats. Your cakes always look great, but I have never tasted one so I have no real reference, but I can smell the chocolate on those ho-ho's and can taste the marshmallow shell from the snowballs while I try to convince myself that the diet it really working.