Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My loss is their gain...

But it still hurts!!! Ugh, I'm so frustrated!! I tried a new recipe tonight and apparently all my attention was focused on the recipe and not the preperation of the pans! :( I greased them, but obviously not well enough. :(

This is what I ended up with....

1/2 in the pan, 1/2 on the cooling rack. BOOOOOO!!!!! All that cake...gone.

Oh well...there's always cake balls. :) I'm thinking this mistake will probably make about 100.


Anyone want to come over for cake balls?? lol

Moving on...I titled this post "My loss is their gain" because this mistake resulted in a great night for my girls (and Brian)!! They heard my frustration coming from the kitchen as I was trying to release these cakes, whining "Nooooooooooo!!" and of course they all came running in to see what was going on...

I just threw my hands in the air and said go for it, dig in!!!! (normally they don't get to even come near the cakes so this was certainly a treat!)

Frustration slowly melting away as Bailey gave me a BIG thank you smile and "yummy", two thumbs up review. (it may have stuck to the pan but atleast it was good! ;)

About 30 seconds after this last picture was taken I decided they'd probably had about enough cake. And boy oh boy, I thought I was frustrated!!! Our poor little Livie had a baby meltdown. She did NOT agree and felt very strongly about the fact that she didn't have enough.


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  1. this post make me laugh so hard (sorry! lol)... I love it! And cake balls are ALWAYS a good idea!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration