Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brooke's 30th Surprise

A couple weekends ago we travelled down to Savannah to celebrate my wonderful friend Brooke's 30th birthday. Jamie (her husband) planned a great surprise party for her at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House on the Savannah marsh. It was gorgeous weather, good food, good friends and a good cake (travelled all the way from North Atlanta)! :) Here are a few pics from the night...

The cake survived the 4 hour drive!!

(felt like an 8 hour drive for me)


I love this picture of a little boy trying to steal a taste while us girls were getting a picture. He was dying for a piece of the bow and told me about a hundred times while I was cutting the cake that he just HAD to have a piece of the bow. lol (and don't worry, he got one) ;)

Paula Deen was there...gave me props for a good cake. Gotta love that!!!!!

Happy birthday Brooke!!

Love you love you!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh how awesome! Great cake. Savannah is my most favorite place in the world. And Paula Deen is THE coolest! Lucky you!

  2. Great cake again!! As always....
    By the way I love your dress!

  3. something is really weird, a black and blackcake with a black bow, this is something to be weird in the new norm world, my grandparents would of said theirs something the matter i think black is associated with mourning, these people need to make a better party next time its total when its always Uncle Bubbas for oysters, uncle bubbas for the wedding too,

  4. Is the black a marzipan icing, if its not man is it different, American dream is sure different. And birthdays are different.