Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cakewrecks don't you dare!!!

Before I even start, no...I did not make my own birthday cake. This year someone very special to me made my cake. I'll give you a hint...he is goofy, handsome, acts like a kid but isn't a kid, pours me coffee in the morning and doesn't complain about the fact that he never gets gourmet dinners at home.

My husband...

My sweet husband made me a birthday cake this year.

Isn't it great! lol

Thats ME! Lookin' quite HAWT sitting on top of my 30th birthday chocolate goodness!
The apron is the detail that just kills me! I love it! :)

He told me his plans a few weeks ago and I just said "yeah yeah, I'll believe it when I see it!"

Next thing I know he is breaking out the boxed cake mix and getting started.

From the kitchen I hear him yell,

"Does it absolutely need oil b/c I can't find any."

UGH! Men!

Yes Bri guy, if it says it on the box, you need it.

I come to check on him after I give the kids a bath. The cake is in the mixer. I ask, "How long has it been mixing?"

"I dunno, 15 minutes?"

Oh Brian, you don't mix it for 15 minutes! You're gonna kill the cake!!!

From that point on I realized he needed supervision or this would really turn out bad!

So I pulled up a chair and watched it all go down. Taking pics along the way. :)

Here he is working on ME! A little gumpaste baker. I honestly cannot believe how good it came out. Of course I was over his shoulder saying "No! You can't do it like that, you gotta do it like this!" ;)

I'm the backseat baker. The next morning it was time to ice the cake. This is what really threw him for a loop.
Bailey decided she needed to supervise as well, she was backseat baker #2, saying "I think you need to listen to mommy...thats not how mommy usually does it". hehehe, I love that little girl! ;)

The cake kept falling apart on him (carved cakes are not easy to ice!). I did have to jump in a few times before he took a huge chunk out of the 3. Everytime I tried to help Bailey would say, "Get back mommy, you can't make your own birthday cake!!!"

A sip of beer should help....

Google the word "pride", this image will pop up.


We went out to dinner that night to celebrate two things.

My birthday.

And Brian's first cake.


  1. So cute, what a great husband!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Awesome post Kate! Looks like you had an amazing birthday! xo

  3. Awwww, he did a GREAT job for a first timer! I'm sure that cake made your bday extra special!

  4. That rocks! What an amazing guy. Happy Birthday!

  5. Kate, what a nice guy!! I'm sure that's the best cake you've ever seen!! :) looks like you had a great birthday, you're blessed!

  6. This is adorable! What a sweet hubby :)

  7. That is just too wonderful! The cake, yes...your hubby, even more! Happy birthday!

  8. how sweet is that.....I would have just loved it! What a wonderful husband....