Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Trash into Treasure

This Tipsy Tuesday has nothing to do with sweets. Since I'm away from my kitchen (spending the long weekend at the lake) I'm having to improvise and find some kind of tip to bring you that has nothing to do w/ food. This week I'm focusing on partying!

If there is one thing I love its a good party on a BUDGET. I love finding ways to make a party special and exciting without breaking the bank. Planning ahead, buying things on clearance, making it yourself and searching thrift stores are just a few ways I like to keep the cost of a party down. Goodwill is one of my FAVORITE stores for fun finds! Some of y'all might be thinking EWWWWW, but whatever...get the stuff home, clean it and its good as new. :)

Now, the lake that I'm at doesn't have much to offer as far as shopping, but it does have a Goodwill and thats where I'm taking y'all today!!!! Lets go shopping and see what we can come up with!

First treasure: Basketball coasters. 2 packs of 4 (totalling 8 coasters) for $1. You could use these as coasters at a basketball or sports party or turn them into cupcake stands using my tutorial.

Don't wanna make a cupcake stand? Just buy one for a dollar. This was a candle holder but its the perfect size for a cupcake stand. OH MY WORD!!!! Going to an 80s Prom Party?? Get your 80s Fabulousness on w/ this out of control hilarious sequin dress. Even more 80s FAB in person. Picture does not do this dress justice!!!! lol

Need jars for a candy buffet? Look no further than your local thrift store for inexpensive options! These were a little over a dollar a piece!!! Can't beat that.

How great is this serving piece. Perfect for a nautical theme or even 4th of July (I know I know...4th of July is SO yesterday, very last season!) But for $3 you can't go wrong!

Having a dog themed party? There were about 12-15 dog collars in each bag ($3). These would be so cute for the kids to wear!!!! They could even make their own name tag to put on their collars. Adorable!! Wasn't that fun? I love this store. I'm telling you its like a playground for my imagination!

Next week I promise a dessert for my tipsy Tuesday. I'm thinking a tutorial on the margarita cake pops I recently made. I have received a few emails requesting one so I better hop to it before someone eggs my house out of frustration. ;) I totally would have done it today if I had access to my supplies. Stay tuned. :)

And in the mean time, go shopping!! Buy some junk and make it shine!

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  1. Kate, I l.o.v.e thrift stores! I have a Value Village right by my house and a lot of my candy jars, flower vases and even a unique cake stand came from there :)
    Thank you, and have fun in your shopping spree ;)