Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ballerina Baby Shower Dessert Table

"Is a good thing you like the color pink Mommy, 'cause you're making A LOT of pink things!!" 
(Said my sweet little Olivia yesterday as I was working on this table)  

And WHOA was she right!!  THAT was a lot of pink!!! ;)  But it wasn't TUTU much because they're HAVING A GIRL!!  
And how do you celebrate your first little baby girl? 

 You splash pink decorations all over the room, gather friends and indulge on PINK desserts. 
(that's where I come in) ;)

The expectant mama has a real passion for dance and loves Angelina Ballerina.  They wanted sweet, pink, ballet themed yumminess on a table and that's just what they got!

I had SO much fun putting together this table because as my sweet Olivia pointed out, I LOVE pink!

I will admit however that the tutu table skirt nearly killed me.  I never want to work with that much tulle again!! (*picture yards and yards of tulle, an abundance of static electricity and one innocent little baker, ME, caught in the middle of it all*) It was annoying, that's all I'm trying to say. ;)

BUT other than that I just had "tutu" much fun.

  Big thank you to Amanda of Amanda's Parties To Go for helping me with this NEW adorable Ballerina collection.  It added just the right touch!!  Check out her shop.  She is AMAZING!!!!

Ok, so enough of the blah blah blah.  Show us the pictures!!!!!! 

Love these sweet little gumpaste ballerina slippers..

Angelina Ballerina!!!!!!


  1. Goodness girl! You never cease to amaze me (and I'm a tough one to amaze!) Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the new printables set. You are truly the most talented person I know! I hope the new mama loved it all -- how could she not??? STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS, Kate!!

  2. how do I make the boa puff ball? so very very cute!*

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