Friday, February 15, 2013

Year of the DRAGON

This colorful dragon cake was created for Gavin who is turning ONE!!  Gavin is half Korean and in Korean culture the first birthday is a big deal, so Gavin's mama wanted a perfect, meaningful cake.  :)   

Gavin was born in the year of the dragon, which is considered very lucky in Asian culture.  He was also born on Valentines day so he is mama's little "love dragon".  She wanted something that incorporated a dragon, a little bit of Valentines day AND the stripes on Gavin's hanbock (a traditional Korean outfit) that he  would be wearing at his birthday party.

 And so...this little striped, love dragon cake was created! :) 

A little smash cake to match...

Happy First Birthday Gavin!!! (you little love dragon!) ;))


  1. Too cute :-)
    Best wishes

  2. Kate, the cake you made for Gavin was everything and more that I wanted! Thank you so much! And it was super yummy!

  3. Kate, that cake was perfect, meaningful AND super adorable!

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  5. What tip number did you use for the smash cake?