Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Horse Themed 2nd Birthday

Truer words were never spoken!!  

 Horses...ahhhh they're just the best things EVER!!  I had so much fun creating this dessert table because it combined two of my favorite things...HORSES and sweet things.  SWOON!
This party was centered around a little girl named Ryan whose mama is 100% the horse expert.  She is my trainer friend and helps me out with my new sweet horse.  (she gets probably 20 text daily from yours truly, I've got questions y'all!!)

OK wait, hold on...let me find a picture so I can introduce you really quick...

Auzzie, meet everyone.  Everyone, meet Auzzie.  He's the man!!!

Isn't he cute!?!?  

Ok, so back to Ryan...its her birthday and she is turning TWO.  Like mother like daughter, little Ryan already has a love of horses!  Sooooo.....the horse dessert table was born to celebrate her 2nd year.

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!

 As always, cake comes first...

Horse Cake Pops

I covered rice krispie treat squares in candy melts to look like hay bales.

 And since there was hay, we had to have horse treats too!!  Apples (chocolate covered oreos) and carrots (cake pops).  

Oh boy, horse silhouette cupcake toppers made from chocoate...LOVE the way these turned out!

 Cheesecake bites.

Not just TRAIL MIX, but trail RIDING mix. ;)
Oh gosh, there's those cupcake toppers again.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

 Ryan has a horse named Moe.  Moe is a pretty special guy because he is Ryan's mama's very FIRST horse so I hoped to find a way for him to be represented on the table .  He is VIP after all!  So I made Moe Pops...marshmallows with chocolate "spots" to mimic Moe's markings.

I know its just a picture of a horse, but doesn't he look like he wants to eat those apples???

Ok, I think that's all I got.  That was a lot of pics.  Thanks for stickin' with me.  Hope you enjoyed!!!!

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  1. WOW! What an amazing scene. I can't believe the attention to detail, I mean, rice krispie squares for hay stacks! That made me chuckle. The only problem I'd have with a spread like that is not having the heart to destroy the artwork. :)

    Big time hat tip over at OCP:


  2. Hello Kate, this is amazingly beautiful...just like everything you do. All the details are just adorable!!
    Quick question. Can you share how you made the horse silhouette?? Thank you!!

  3. Thanks! To make the horse picture I drew a horse silhouette out on poster board by copying one I found online. Then I cut out the silhouette and placed it on top of the wood pallet. I used some double sided tape to keep the silhouette still while I painted the pink around it. Then when I lifted the poster board up the horse silhouette was there on the wood! :) Hopefully that makes sense!!

  4. Those Rice Krispie hay stack squares are just the cutest thing I ever, ever seen - you know how to run with a theme!

  5. Hi Kate, this was amazing!! one question, where did you buy the flower cart? thanks!!

  6. First I want to say this is gorgeous!!!! I am also having a horse party for my daughter and want to use some of your ideas. I am going absolutely crazy trying to figure out how to make the chocolate horse silhouettes for the cupcakes. How did you do this? I have search for cookie cutters and chocolate molds and am having NO luck!

  7. May I ask where you got the wooden background sign from? Email me at

    Thanks, Julie