Tuesday, February 26, 2013


If you have a baby you may know who VocabuLARRY is.  If not, here is a picture... 
 He is a silly parrot who can be seen on BabyFirstTV.com. Basically he is considered pretty cool among small people and it just so happens he has a realllly big fan that lives in my neighborhood.  Her name is Lauren and she just turned ONE!   She loves this Larry parrot character so her mom knew just what she wanted when it was time for a cake.  

A VocabuLARRY cake.

We went with sky/clouds and a grassy/white picket fence two tier to mimic the background in many of the VocabuLARRY episodes.

Lauren kept her 1st birthday party pretty small so they really didn't need a two tier cake.  BUT her mom loves the look of the two tier.  Sooooo, they ended up using the top tier as Lauren's smash cake and the bottom tier to serve to guests.  Perfect compromise!! 

I'm sure Lauren enjoyed smashing her little hands into those fluffy white buttercream clouds! ;))


  1. This is adorable, where did you have it made? My son also loves vocabularry and I would love to borrow your idea! Please e-mail me at EricaREmery@gmail.com if you don't mind! Thank you!!

  2. I would also love to know!! This idea is just perfect for a baby's first-My son laughs and laughs when he sees vocabuLARRY. My email is huntersmommy1012@gmail.com

  3. I also want to know. is there decorations for a party? Let me know m8_gonzalez@yahoo.com Thank u.

  4. I would like to purchase this Vocabularry Cake and other items for my babies 1st birthday. Please email me information timberlyits.kidzcolony@yahoo.com

  5. can you please email me too? I was actually looking how to make a mold but please please let me know where can I get it or how to make it? I really wanted for my son's first birthday
    my email is vc0305@aol.com

  6. I need a vocabularry cake for my babys first birthday can you email me karaadamm014@gmail.com I live in Charleston west Virginia

  7. Could you please let me know how to make the vocabullarry cake. I'd like to make it for my grandson's first birthday. My email is marges53@yahoo.com