Saturday, August 28, 2010

Football kickoff!!!

With the kickoff of college football season coming up this next weekend (and pro season the week following) I thought I'd put together a few football party ideas. I know a few wives who aren't too excited with having an absentee husband for the next few Saturdays, but at least you can make a fun party out of it! ;)

I love the idea of creating a table cloth out of felt or AstroTurf. Use felt or masking tape to create lines like a football field! So cute!! source
And check out these football game day printables...

I love this coaster! lol And the football widow wine glass! Classic.
The football deviled eggs are such an easy and clever idea. They used chives to make the lace!

Love these cupcake toppers and wrappers!! Found HERE
And how fun are these football bead necklaces!!

If kids are going to be present this inflatable football goal post would be a hit!

oooh oooh oooh!!! Dollar General has a ton of football themed stuff right now for cheap cheap!!

So there you go...a few party ideas for your next big football soiree!!!

And now, an ode to my football themed creations....


  1. Wow those cakes are amazing! I love football, my weekly link up party theme this week is all things football, would love for you to link up this post and show off your work.

  2. I love all your work and all your creativity. One day I would like to realize my dream and also dedicate only to this art. Thanks for sharing.