Thursday, August 12, 2010

What do you call this???

What should I call this?? Technically speaking it is a cupcake (its a cake in a cup) so maybe thats just what I should call it. :)

My neighbor's daughter is going off to school (The University of Auburn) and I wanted to send a little good luck sweet thing along with her. I found these Auburn Tervis Tumblers and they got me can I spice these up???

So this is what I did....

I got a couple of cupcakes...

Started off with a dolip of frosting at the bottom of the cup....

Cut one of the cupcakes in half and dropped it in...

Then I alternated between cake and icing until the cup was filled...

YUMMY right?
You know you want to take your finger and swipe the top of that!! I know this b/c I had 2 little girls and 1 husband who wouldn't stop begging me to do just that! (and, I have to admit...maybe I wanted to as well) ;)



Wrap it up and stick a fork in it!! (in this case, orange for Auburn)

And there you go...a "cup" cake!! (or cake in a cup, whatever you want to call it) :)

One for the college girl and another one for her baby sister who is NOT thrilled with the fact that big sister is leaving! :(


  1. Kate, I just caught up on a couple weeks of your blog. I like to hold off for a while, and then get overwhelmed by your creativity and with your ideas. One of my favorites was the Twilight cake. You are amazing.

  2. Such a cute idea !love it!! I may have to do something similar for our house party this weekend =)

  3. What a great, cute and delicious idea!

  4. And Brittney and Kaley LOVED them!! You were so so sweet to think of them both!