Monday, August 23, 2010

An apple for the teacher

Today is my sweet baby Bailey's first day of Pre K. I wanted to win her a few brownie points for the school year so I sent her off with an "apple" for the teacher. Her teacher is going to need the sugar to get her through the days with this little monster. ;)

I'm really funny about trying to recycle containers for other purposes. (remember this? and this one too) I guess its my little "going green" contribution. So I saved these little blueberry containers...perfect for a single cupcake!! I washed it, dried it and decorated it....


  1. Honestly!!! When do you ever sleep?!? Those packages are adorable!

  2. how do you get your fondant so shiny? I love that idea - too stinkin cute!

  3. I only use marshmallow fondant and then I brush it with a combo of a few drops of water mixed with shortening. If I want it really shiny I use just water, but for a little sheen I use that combo....

  4. Ok, my husband is laughing at me because I just told him I wished you lived here...we would be best friends. I am a total nut and love all the crafty, do it yourself ideas...I tend to make things harder because I just want to put a personal touch on the most mundane things. Sometime (or maybe all the time!) it would be easier to just purchase something already done--but I can't. Thanks for being another mommy, wife, gal, and fellow "caker" out there that understands. Just lovin' your blog and your talents. :) Happy 4th!
    Rebecca Green--Pasadena, TX