Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No pressure....

This past weekend I made a dinosaur cake for Mr. Jack who was turning 4. This was a special cake because he is one of my best friend's little boys, AKA my future son in law, not to mention the son of Jamie Deen and grandson of Paula Deen...both of which are Food Network's greatest stars!!!

No pressure here right?!!?!?!

Luckily for me they're good friends and very easy going, so it really isn't too hard to make them happy.

Here it is...a dinosaur cake for Jack!

And here is the handsome little man with his dino cake...


  1. wow kate, you never cease to amaze me! how can so much talent be tied up in one person? kudos on the art party. i love all the little details and the flawless execution- i want to just copy everything you've done.

  2. That's an amazing dinosaur cake!!! My boy is also dinosaur crazy so I made dinosaur cupcakes for him =)