Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nana's Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!!

This little cake and cupcakes is for my sweet Nana's ??th Birthday...I say "??" because she won't let me share her age. **you can't see me, but I'm shaking my head** I don't understand it when people want to hide their age??

This is my 2 is fragile, precious and wonderful...why would you want to hide the number of years you've been able to celebrate it? And you should especially be bragging when you make it to "??" years old and look FABULOuS like Nana! :) I only hope I'm lucky enough to make it to "??" years old and have everyone adore me as much as we all adore her!!!!!!

So here is her cake...we're having a small family celebration today and I wanted to make her a little something to poke fun at her fear of sharing her age. ;)

Aren't these cupcake toppers so cute! They're mini Reese's peanut butter cups topped with icing, sprinkles and a fondant cherry.


  1. Ha Ha! Kate, you are so funny! Everybody knows how old I am! So why do I have to tell them?!? Let them figure it out! Do the math! Thanks for all those kind words...and thanks for the cakes. I know you had a busy cake weekend and appreciate your squeezing in a cake foe moi! You just go out of your way to do for others, and I love you for your thoughtfulness. Wish that I were more like you! Love, love, love. Nana

  2. Love the post from your Nana. She seems like a spunky kind of gal. Love the cake and especially the Reese Cup idea. That is adorable.