Thursday, October 7, 2010


A couple of days ago I was at playgroup with my little Olivia and us moms were sitting around talking about food and how to get our kids to eat it (isn't life so interesting when you have children?!?). ;)

A girlfriend of mine (a mom of FOUR) told us about this great recipe she has used with her kids. A healthy/allergy free dessert that will sneak some Vitamin A into your child's diet!!

Take a box of cake mix (if you use Duncan Hines Devils Food it will be milk and egg free) and a can of pumpkin, mix it up and bake away! A can of pumpkin has over 300% of your daily Vitamin A requirements so each muffin would be a decent source!

I decided to try it out and they weren't bad!! Bailey had a couple friends over the day I made these so they were my taste testers and all three girls gobbled them up!
You can treat is like a cupcake with a big dollop of icing on top.
OR a muffin, served up with some butter.
And you can even go in between, by drizzling a sugar glaze over them.
Disclosure...They're not very pretty when they come out of the oven. Kinda lumpy. And they don't rise very well, not like normal cupcakes. But once you put frosting on them you can hardly tell they're pump-cakes!

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