Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bouquet of Roses

This cake wins the prize for most travelled!! I made this bouquet of roses for my sweet mother in law, Rose. Her birthday was this past Thursday and it just so happens that we had a visit planned so I hand delivered it all the way from Atlanta to Saratoga, New York!!! It was truly a planes, trains and automobiles adventure....1 minute train ride in the airport, 2 hour plane flight into NYC, 10 minute bus ride to our rental car and a 4 hour drive to grandma's house...cake made it safe and sound, despite security checks, traffic and crazy toddler antics!

I kinda got a feel for what it would be like to have 3 kids as there were 2 parents, but three babies traveling with us. ;)

Happy Birthday Rose/Grandma/Mom!!! We love you!!!

If you're curious how I travelled w/ this cake here are some pictures of the process...

Packaged in two seperate boxes, it rested comfortably in the basket of the stroller.
It even had to take a trip through the scanner in security!


  1. Now that is just for sharing with us....


  2. Love your story. Do you have a picture of the cake packaged?

  3. Oh my word! How in the world did you manage that?

  4. Your work is INCREDIBLE. Love love love - my 2 girls and I are swooning at this!!! They both went *sigh* when they saw it.

  5. Your mother-in-law must've been thrilled! And so sweet (and brave) of you to transport this lovely cake all that way!

  6. Linda, I added a picture of it packaged! :)