Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farm Animal Cake Pops

These little farm animals were created for Sawyer's first birthday party.

Time consuming, yes. But fun to create, without a doubt!

I spent a lot of time w/ these guys, so much so that I actually named each one...

Get to know the animals on the farm!!

Ok, that was stupid...

You don't have to name your animals, but you should add a cute little barn smash cake to the order and you're good to go. Gotta have a place for the animals to sleep at night...and something for little farmer Sawyer to tear into for his first birthday. :)


  1. Oh WOW!!!! These are breathtakingly amazing!

  2. Love stopping by and seeing all of your creativity and talent! You inspire me -- Simply adorable, girl!

  3. Soooo cute - almost too cute to eat! (and with personalities and names, I'd feel too bad!!! :))) but I'd try to find a way to get over it...)

  4. Can you post the instructions for the animal cake pops please? they are awesome, thanks!