Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nana's 80th Birthday!!!

This past weekened we celebrated my Nana's 80th birthday! Nana is such a sweet and wonderful, fun and hip, smart and nutty, crazy,
young (but technically old) lady!

My parent's threw her a party and I was incharge of the cake.

What I came up with is not the typical birthday cake for an 80 year old. In fact, it looks more like a cake for a 21 year old, but Nana is too cool to have a boring ol' fancy cake...I just couldn't do it. I had to do a spunky, fun, colorful cake to fit her personality (atleast thats the way I see her). :)

The martini glasses were a must. Nana is not a lush, but she does enjoy a good martini. :)

She tries to get me to drink them with her, but I just can't do it.

I've tried to...more than once.

I think they look so fun and cool to drink, but I just can't stand the taste!

(I'm so super lame)

Me, mom and nana. My crazy uncle gave Nana 80 dollar bills all taped together. Poor Nana was so confused. lol "What am I supposed to do with all these?!!"

(I've got a couple of ideas what we could do with a bunch of dollar bills) hehehe

Happy Birthday Nana Banana!!!! We loooooove you!

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  1. What an awesome cake! I can't believe she is 80, she looks a lot younger!! :)