Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Things Party

Does the above picture look familiar? These images ring a bell? Where else have you seen women crying, men screaming, confetti, people practically convulsing, mad chaos???

Ahhhhh, the crazy guest reactions from Oprah's Favorite Things show. You're picturing it now aren't you.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Oprah's Favorite Things show was the inspiration for this little shindig I threw last night. Six of us girls met up at my parent's lake house for a night out, away from the kids and husbands with our favorite things.

We set a limit of $6. Everyone went out to find their favorite thing, under $ five and bring them to share! Basically, everyone brings five of the same thing to share, and they leave with five different things. Hopefully I'm making sense?

It was SO fun!!! First of all, I love these girls so we would have been A-OK without the "things", but they certainly did put the icing on the cake. :)

I got to the lake house first so I took the time (calm before the storm) and set everything up. I wrapped boxes and put the girl's names on them. The bottoms of the boxes were open so that each girl could put their item on the table and put the box on top to cover it up. That way all the items were kept secret until it was time to reveal our favorite things! Here are all the boxes...whats under all those pretty boxes???????
Its like Christmas!!!!
(except it wasn't Jesus' birthday) We took turns revealing our favorite thing one at a time. We tried screaming and crying like Oprah's guests, but after a couple reveals we got tired so we decided to just act happy, not crazy. ;) I set out "swag bags" for everyone to put all their goodies in. And even though we are adults, and even though this wasn't really a "party", I STILL had to do party favors...because this "party" was all about favorite things AND one of my favorite things about having a party (even tho it wasn't a party) is picking out party favors!
SO THERE! (100% Justification for having party favors.)

Party favor explanation: keeping with the favorite quote (b/c smiling is my favorite), from my favorite Christmas movie, with my favorite colors (anything bright and cheery) in my new favorite frame which just happens to be from one of my favorite stores (Ikea) which is priced at my ALL TIME FAVORITE price point, a dollar! A DOLLAR for this cute frame!!!!(you couldn't hear me, but that was all said in one breath) aaaaaahhhhhhh Here is some of my loot! Lip gloss, mini bottle of perfume, lotto ticket and nail polish, bottle of wine w/ a cool insulated carrier (I smell an over budget item!!) ;) and a cute little plaque w/ a fun quote on it. :)

Not pictured in my loot is the item I gave...a sweet little initial charm and necklace from Laura Elaine Designs. I LOVE her shop and have purchased a couple other items from her. Great stuff...even better prices!!! I packaged them up in these tiny ceramic containers found at Michaels on clearance for 30 cents.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cars Baby Shower

This little cake was made for my friend Amy who is hosting a Cars themed baby shower. My favorite part might be the "almost" finish line...a little cute dash of tounge and cheek for the mama to be. ;)

These little Cars characters were made using rice krispie treats. I had so much fun watching them come to life as I added on the edible images.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dad turns 60!!!

My Dad turned 60 today! Happy Birthday Daddy-O!!! I'm not going to crack any jokes about you being old b/c all that does is bring up the point, if your dad is super old than that basically means you're no spring chicken yourself!? Right?!

So, this year we're focusing on how YOUNG my dad is. 60 is nothing. Its the new 16. ;) Meaning, I haven't even been born yet...that's how young I am. (don't you love how I turn HIS big day into a lesson on how young I am?!) Good grief, I'm really not normally this narcissistic. ;) must be going through a phase...heheheeh

Now, here is a picture of my dad. Why is he making that face you ask?? He just saw his cake for the first time and I think he liked it!!!! ;)

I made him a cake based on his favorite character from his favorite movie series.

Yoda meet dad, dad meet Yoda.

(Yoda is the only guy I know that genuinely makes 60 seem like a baby)

Sure, he looks a little creepy, but....

I'm proud of here are a couple more pictures b/c I'm not sure the other FOUR were enough. ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3D Ice Cream Cone

I want an ice cream cone cake!

Pretty please, with a cherry on top....

Welllllll, since you said please...

This one might be one of my new favorites! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Is that a foot??

Just finished this little preggo belly cake for a mommy who apparently has a little kicker on her hands!! (requested a belly cake with a foot) lol This mama needs to have a few words with this little boy come delivery. Or perhaps he'll be a kicker for the NFL and it'll all be worth it one day. ;)

Can you see the little foot???