Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bailey's Puppy Party!!!

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet baby Bailey's SEVENTH birthday.  WHOA.  Seven.  That's old.

Bailey LOVES is obsessed with dogs.  She really loves any animal, but dogs is her favorite.  When it came time to plan this little girl's party she knew exactly what she wanted, a DOG party.  

Once again, I contacted Amanda from Amanda's Parties To Go and got my hands on the fabulous, JUST RIGHT dog party collection.  It was perfect.  Colorful, girly, sweet (all while still totally cool for a 7 year old).

SO SO SO much fun with this party.  The girls loved it.  We got an inflatable jumper, pretended to be dogs, did a scavenger hunt, painted faces, the whole nine yards.  

Ok, here are the pics.  And before we even begin I know what you're going to ask.  HOW DO I CREATE THIS PARTY!?!?! Go HERE.  <--- p="">

In Bailey's words,
 "It was the BEST BRUFF-day EVER!!!"

  As always, cake comes first!  Bailey wanted a "Charlie cake".  Charlie is our beloved family dog.  He is the love of our lives!  Sweetest boy in the world.  So, when it came time to make this cake the PRESSURE was ON!  Literally, I was shaking when I was carving this cake.  It HAD to be right.  And I think it turned out pretty decent.  Not as beautiful as our real Charlie, but only God can create a perfect Charlie boy. ;)
Here is our Charlie boy checking it out....hmmmm, this dog smells suspiciously sweet!! ;)

Ok, back to the party pics..

Aren't these puppy cake pops so adorable?!?!

These little "doggy biscuits" are those Scooby Doo graham cracker bones.  

Bailey's favorite dessert to make with me is white chocolate brownies so I had to include those on the table.  After I baked them I used a little bone cookie cutter to cut them, then stuck them on sticks.  They looked "Dog-gone good"!!

Favorite addition to the table was definitely the dog house cookies.  LOVED these!!!!

 Beggin' strips were chocolate bars covered in pretty candy wrappers (by Amanda).

Twizzlers made the perfect "chew sticks".

 Paw-reos were chocolate covered Oreos.  I was going to design a little paw on the front of them, but I ran out of time got too lazy.  So instead I wrapped them in treat bags and stuck a cute printable design on them. Easier is sometimes better. ;)


Could you just die over how cute these cupcake toppers are!?!?!!?

Bailey said "He looks so brave".  If you knew Charlie, you'd know he's not SO brave in real life. ;)

The welcome wreath.  I made this burlap wreath myself using THIS tutorial.  So easy and inexpensive to create!!

 Upon arrival each girl was given a dog collar to wear with her name on a little bottle cap tag.  I found the tags (they're actually key chains) at Party City in the party favor section!  They were perfect for what I needed.  I used the little 1 inch circles from Amanda's collection for the girls' names.

The girls got their faces painted thanks to me and my mama.

We had frisbees out in the yard for the girls to play with.

Charlie says "is anyone gonna throw one of these things for me!?!?!"  He was in the mix the whole time.  That dog loves his girls (and their friends)!

The dog dinner table.

 This is one of the 1000 reasons why I love Amanda's printables...a few of her party circles glued on sticks makes such an EASY and CUTE table centerpiece!!!

 For snacks we had dog-gone good grapes, doggy kibble (cheese puffs) and pup-corn (popcorn) in dog bowls..

To hydrate the little K-9s I had apple juice (in a fire hydrant drink dispenser) and water bottles. 

For a little party activity I had the girls do a scavenger hunt to find their very own puppy pet.  I gave them clues that led them all over the house to find their dog as well as accessories for their new pup. 

 The first clue led them to the adoption center.  Inside each bag was a little pup (that I found at the good ol' Dollar Tree). ;)

 Then they were given another clue that led them to the place where they could find a little dog house for puppy.

Once they found their dog a house, they needed to search for dog food!  The next clue led them to Reese's cereal in little dog-like bowls.

 Once they found all the dog essentials (food and shelter) they needed to find accessories for their dog!  The next clue led them to the doggy bags which included a felt bone, a leash and a mini frisbee toy (dogs love frisbees!).

Here is one happy little pup with his bone, leash and dog house.

And all the girls sitting on the floor after the scavenger hunt, playing with their new puppies.

Kids having fun pics...

 After more fun and play we sat down for some yummy PUP-eroni pizza and then it was time for cake!!

I lit SEVEN candles...hard to believe I've been a mommy to the best girl in the world for 7 years! ;)

 The BIG blowing out the candles moment... (notice her little puppy on the table that she positioned to be eating out of its bowl) So sweet. ;)

And then we had to cut Charlie, which was so sad...

Livie said, "You mean we gotta EAT Charlie!?!?" lol

 One last pic of the little buddy...

And the after sad.

What a FUN party!  I so enjoyed designing this one.  With Amanda's help it turned out so colorful, fun and just PRECIOUS.  I hope y'all enjoyed the pics! :))  

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel baby.  You are the kindest most beautiful little puppy I know!!!!

Another big shout out thanks to Amanda.  GO to her shop now.  You cannot throw a party without her artwork!!  Again, click on THIS link to find the printables.

Dog bone cups were found at THE PARTY WORKS (click on link to be taken directly to cups)
Dog houses were found at Target (years ago though) :(
Dog bowls were found at Dollar Barn