Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reindeer Party

Today Bailey had a few of her close buddies over for a little reindeer themed Christmas shindig. I had so much fun with the girls today!!! We had lunch, decorated gingerbread houses, made an ornament and played a fun game to wrap things up.

I need to give a GREAT BIG HUMONGOUS shout out, thank you to my sweet mama for making the girls these ADORABLY adorable shirts for the girls to wear. Mom recently got a new embroidery machine and she has been busy sewing ever since! How lucky am I to have such a handy mama!?!?! I love how they're all matching, but each one is has its own little uniqueness too.

We started out the playdate with a lunch of reindeer pb&js, mac n cheese, pretzels, and juice. :)

And everyone knows, if you eat your lunch you get dessert! Today it was reindeer chocolate covered Oreos.

After lunch it was time to start decorating gingerbread houses.
I used this template to make the mini gingerbread houses. These were waaaay easier to make and assemble than I expected. I was thiiiiiisssss close to lazy-ing out and buying the Wilton mini gingerbread house kits and I'm so glad I didn't!!! Store bought gingerbread mix, (yes nana, store bought, as in packaged...not from scratch. does it really matter if you're not eating them??) some royal icing and a good template is all you need to make these cuties!!

My girls LOVED the marshmallow "snow".

A BIG thank you to Ashley (Caroline's older sister) who came over to help me with Olivia. Liv is IN LOVE with Ashley so it really helped to have her there to entertain (and assist) my little one while I entertained the other 6 girls. :)
Livie showing Ashley some love. :)

After the gingerbread houses the girls made a baby Jesus in the manger ornament. The final product...

After the ornament I let the girls run wild for a while. 5 year olds have a good way of finding their own fun so I let them go for it. (so much for a clean/organized playroom after about 10 minutes of free play) ;)

To wrap things up I sat the girls down to the table to play a little game of Jack Frost's Not Lost. SO FUN! I found this FREE download here via How Does She. This game really is a lot of fun and a MUST for all those with little ones!!! I also made some little snowman containers (using almond tins) for the girls to put their candy from the game in.

Before all the mommies came to pick up their girls I gathered them together to snap a few pics. Tonight as I tucked Bailey in I asked her what her favorite part of the party was. She thought for a moment then said, "all of it was my favorite, except the picture taking". lol Oh least she is honest. :) I'll take that into consideration for the next party.

Merry Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

See you next year!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Grinch Themed Dessert Table

This weekend I designed a dessert table for a good friend of mine who threw her little boy a fabulous first birthday party. Jenny is a very creative girl with a great party mind, lots of love for her little boy and a sweet husband who will play along. ;)

The theme was The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I love the premise of the party which is that the Grinch stole Christmas for the greater good...for all those little boys and girls whose birthdays fall at Christmas. Steal Christmas to give them back the spotlight. ;) Jenny definitely succeeded in putting the spotlight on her little boy with all the hardwork she put into the party. This dessert table is just a small part of a great party put on by a even greater mommy!!!

Happy Birthday Rhett!! Welcome to single digits!!!

Recognize the backdrop? Its from the Wrap and Wine. Since I was sticking to the red and green color scheme I thought it would make a perfect backdrop.

All the desserts were things the Grinch stole from the Whos.

First off, their ornaments (cake balls).

The Who's presents...

Pudding from the Whos' feast....

Cookies and milk that the Whos left out for Santa...

Jello from the Whos' feast...

Rhett's smash cake...

The main birthday cake...

Happy 1st Birthday Rhett!!!