Sunday, June 27, 2010

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Cake

Happy 3rd Birthday Reeves!!! We've still got a sugar hangover from your party. ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Couple's Shower Cake

Made to match the invitations...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trophy Husband Party

Well, that was a great party!!!! I first got the idea of this theme from a very talented event planner in the Salt Lake City area, Brittany Egbert (check her out at She threw a trophy husband party for her hubby's birthday. I thought it was such a cute idea and decided to transform it from a birthday party to a Father's Day celebration. It was great. Lots of laughs, the guys were such great sports about everything and we had so much fun!!! I've got a ton of pictures to share so here goes....

First off, the cake/cupcakes...

I just love these cupcake toppers...

The flavors were chocolate chip cookie dough and oreo.

Cupcakes served with shots of milk. Can't eat an Oreo cookie cupcake w/o milk!!!

I served a few appetizers, tried to stick to a "man food" menu of sliders, sloppy joes, pigs in a blanket and a 7 layer dip...

The trophy husband kit. This made for some good laughs when opened!!!

Some of the contents included:

These glasses are perfect for trophy husbands...we all know trophy husbands are great listeners but even the most experienced trophy husbands get overwhelmed with all the listening that is required from them. These glasses will allow you to appear as if you're listening, but in reality you can take this time to zone or even take a nap while your wife goes on and on....

Austin, demonstrating how the glasses work...
A whoopie cushion, because everyone knows that trophy husbands don't have gas...

Put this mess on your wife's favorite rug and watch as she freaks out. Tell her to go relax, you'll take care of it. 10 minutes later call her in the room to show her how you just cleaned up the worst stain ever! You're a miracle worker!!

Other goodies in the kit included dead batteries, to put in the remote control so your wife can't change the channel while you're trying to watch a football game.

And a fortune cookie...with a helpful fortune inside. ;)

The guys and their trophy husband shirts I ordered for the party. It was so fun watching them all hangin' out in their matching shirts. lol

We had the guys do a couple "competitions" to prove their trophy husband-ness. First up, dizzy bat. So awesome! I haven't played dizzy bat in Lord knows when. The guys split up into two teams. They had to chug a few ounces of beer, then spin around 4 times, run to one cone and then back. This game made for several sore bellies from laughing so hard!!!

Denny and Jeff celebrating b/c they just won. Cheaters... ;)

Then we went inside and played the newly wed game. This ended up being hilarious and probably my favorite part of the whole night. Denny was the winner and took home the coveted prize of a calendar of all the trophy husbands.

I had the Gallery of Trophy Husbands up... (see previous trophy husband post for explaination on this one)

Me and MY Trophy Husband. :)

Gosh what a great party! It was a great way to celebrate Father's Day with all our awesome hubbies. Happy Father's Day to all you awesome daddys out there!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trophy Husband Party, Part One: Meet The Men!!!

This is one of my favorite things I did for this party...a spoof on the popular photography book collection "Porn For Women". I got pics of all the guys caught in the act of doing the very things that make them trophy husbands. ;) I put together a "Gallery of Trophy Husbands" to display at the party as well as a calendar of all the men to give away as a prize for one of the games we plan on playing.

So here we go...time to meet the trophy husbands!!!!

First and foremost...MY TROPHY HUSBAND, Brian. What a man!

"Oh, look. The NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have no problems parking at the crafts fair."

Megan's Husband...Jeff

Oh no! You relax honey! I made this mess making dinner. Its only fair that I do the dishes!

Donetta's husband, Scott

With company coming I figured I'd go ahead and vacuum the floors since I already finished the dusting.

Erica's husband, Austin

Hold that thought for a second. I want to pull over and ask for directions.

Ashly's husband, Denny

"Sure your girlfriends can bring their babies over here while you girls have a night out. Y'all deserve a break!!"

Katie's husband, Jeff

I made Niman ranch lamb tenderloin in a garlic black pepper and Indonesian soy sauce for dinner. I hope thats OK.

Rachelle's husband, Chad

After I finish mowing the lawn I thought we could sit down and watch romantic comedies all afternoon while I rub your feet.

Ashley's husband, Kacey

Gosh, thats SO interesting. Tell me MORE!

And last but not least,
Jill's husband, Hunter

Woops! Better put this down. Wouldn't want anyone falling in tonight.

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Plain White Cake"

A neighbor of mine was craving one of my cakes, but had no special events coming up so she asked me if I could just make her a 6 inch round buttercream to nibble on over the weekend. I told her I could fit it in, but it would have to be a very simple, no decorations kind of cake b/c I've got a busy weekend.

So this afternoon I baked the cake, iced the cake...stepped back and looked at the cake...and all I saw was a plain white buttercream cake.

I COULDN'T stand it!!! I have issues. I've discovered I can't make a plain white cake. Its my weakness....

So an hour later I had this...SO much better than a plain white cake!!! ;)

Trophy Husband Sneak Peek

Tomorrow I'm throwing a Trophy Husband party for my husband and some of the other great husband friends we know. (in honor of Father's Day coming up)

I woke up extra early this morning to get the cake done and I'm pretty pleased w/ the way it turned out. lol Simple...but I think it fits the theme and tone I'm trying to set for this party. ;)

I am so excited for tomorrow night and can't wait to have a little bit fun at their expense!!! ;) Stay tuned for more pics....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cupcake Initials

I love this idea!! I saw this done by the designer cupcakes store, Georgetown Cupcakes in DC and I couldn't wait to try it. This little cupcake was made for my friend Jill who just had her baby boy yesterday, Ryder, 7lbs 4 oz. :) We just went to visit her in the hospital and brought her a variety of cupcakes including this one...

(an R for Ryder)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cupcake Stands- I LOVE these!!!

Oh my goodness I just love these!! A few days ago I saw a cute little cupcake stand in a boutique for $25. I LOVED it, but the practical (cheap) side of me said "$25 for a cupcake way!" So I said, and anyone that knows me can attest to this, "I'll just MAKE one!"

So I went home and did a little brainstorming, took a trip to Hobby Lobby and came up with this design! And now I'm addicted to constructing cupcake stands. ;)

Doesn't he look so important sitting on top of his own individual stand?????

This one I made for a friend's little girl whose birthday isn't until mid July, but I needed an excuse to craft. ;)

And last but not least...the "masculine" cupcake stand...holding a DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake. OMG SO YUMMY!!!! (details on this cupcake coming soon!)

And now I wish I had thought to post a tutorial on how to make these cutey patooty little guys! Its so easy and I promise as soon as I have a reason to make another one I will definitely remember to take pictures so I can walk you all through the process. :) OR, let me know and I'll make you one for your special occasion!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Miniature Pregnant Belly Cakes

Oh my goodness I just love these!!! A friend of mine is pregnant with her second child and the girls are getting together today for a little surprise luncheon shower. The guest of honor is on a strict diet of no soy, no dairy (yes, that includes butter) so figuring out this cake was a bit of a challenge for me. I honestly didn't think it was possible to make a cake w/ no butter, milk, or soy is in EVERYTHING including vegetable oil and shortening!!) BUT luckily for me, Cherrybrook Kitchen sells cake mix and icing that was perfect for her needs. It was a little difficult to work with, but a life saver for someone on this type of diet! And I was able to make my marshmallow fondant soy and dairy free as well so it all worked out. :)

Are they not to die for!!?!?!?!?!?

Don't you just love the preggo cleavage!?!?! lol

(the boobies are cake balls!!!)

Here we are!!
Great food,
Great friends,
Great cake!!!!