Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

How cute is this theme for a one year old!?! I love it!!!

A better view of the characters...

And it of course was topped off with a pizza b/c teenage mutant ninja turtles LOVE their pizza!! ;)

Mr Finn's smash cake...

And now, a few party ideas for your TMNT party!!!
click to enlarge

Gotta have PIZZA on the menu!! It is a staple in the TMNT's diet!
To the right is the tissue paper poms. Red, orange, blue and purple to represent the different turtle characters. And then of course lots of green!
Is that turtle watermelon not the cutest!!?! I love it. Carve your hollowed out watermelon to look like a turtle and fill it with fruit salad!
Add little toy rats all around the house for decor. These turtles live in the sewer so rats are definitely invited to this party!
Check out Oriental trading for some toy ninja swords to pass out as party favors. Add in some TMNT masks and it will be great entertainment during the party!
For a cute and EASY craft for little hands check out this pizza craft from Family Fun.
Next is more party favors! Slime would be a great one (again b/c they live in the yucky sewers) And then for cute drinking cups to dress up your table check out these trash can cups.
Directly below the cups is some colorful candy that would be perfect to match the TMNT colors! Pictured here are Twizzlers and Skittles.
And then beside that...last but not least a great table scape idea! Replace the yellow strip of fabric with purple and you have all the colors you need to complete a TMNT table!

Friday, September 24, 2010

20th Anniversary Monogram Cupcakes

These were made for a good friend of mine who is throwing a 20th anniversary for her in laws. (what a great daughter in law huh?!!)

She is creating a dessert buffet with cupcakes, candy and cake balls (below) using the 20th anniversary colors (emerald green and white) with a splash of silver. We decided to do silver cupcake liners with white icing and green monogram cupcake toppers, "M" to represent the couple's last name.

Groovy 60s Cake

Made for Miss Madison who is turning 9. Hope you have a totally groovy birthday Madison!
The top tier of this cake is chocolate and the bottom tier is yellow cake. I wanted to make it as "far out" as I could, so not only did I tie dye the outside, but when they cut into the cake it should look a little something like this....
Totally groovy cake!
Can you dig it?! ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Princess Party and a MUST SEE website!

Last year I helped throw a little Princess party for one of Bailey's buddies. It was a bit of a last minute party, low budget but it turned out great despite. I haven't posted any pics of it but I decided to do so today after discovering this AWESOME, FREE photo editing site! Its amazing the way a little editing can bring pictures to life. This site is so easy, again I say free and a must if you want somewhat of a professional look.

Check it out,



And check out these pics of the princess party! :) (edited using Picnik)

BTW, this cake is one of the FIRST cakes I made. :) It took me forever to complete, but all the compliments and support from my friends and family gave me the confidence to continue with this "caking" thing!!!

The little princesses did a fashion show!!!!! Nothing better than 2 and 3 year olds strutting their "stuff" to Madonna's Vogue.

The costumes.

My Bailey girl. (can you believe how much she has grown in a year and a half!!?!)

I painted a mural on a sheet of plywood for a photo prop!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pinkalicious Cake and Pinkalicious Ring Tutorial!!

I've discovered over the past couple months that Pinkalicious is one popular party theme! This is my 5th request to make this cake, each time it turns out a little different and that's why I decided to post yet another Pinkalicious cake!

I have also received a number of requests for a tutorial on how to do the cupcake ring I created for Kate's Pinkalicious Party. Its so easy, cute and such a great economical party favor!!

So here is the long awaited tutorial.

Start off with two shades of pink clay. I used Sculptey Polymer Clay. Knead the clay for about 2 minutes and then roll into a ball.

Start off with the darker pink ball, working it into a shape resembling the "cup" of the cupcake by pinching the bottom so that it tapers down. Rotate and continue to pinch the bottom so that it is even all around.

Once you start to get the shape of a smaller bottom, start pinching the top and bottom to create a flat surface for both ends.

Once you've achieved the shape you want, use a tooth pick to create lines to resemble the cupcake liner.

Now its time to FROST the cupcake!! ;) Roll your lighter shade pink ball into a "snake". You're NOT going to use all of the snake...I rolled out to much. I used maybe 1/3 of this length.

Start winding it around the cupcake base...

Keep winding around until you have the height of the "frosting" that you want. Just pinch off the remaining "snake" of clay.
Top off with a cherry using a little ball of the darker pink.

Add your "sprinkles" (tiny glass jewelry beads) by gently pressing them into the clay.

If you want to use the cupcakes as earrings or a necklace charm you can insert one of these into the top (just cut to length). If you want the cupcake to be a ring then skip this step.

Bake at 275 degrees for about 15-20 minutes and you're done!!!

You can always add a sealer to give it some shine, but its not necessary.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy Halloween cupcake!

If you're looking for an EASY and unique Halloween cupcake then look no further!! I have just the thing. :) I recently saw a version of this cupcake topper on One Charming Party. It was created for an art party and incorporated all different colors. When I saw it I thought, what an easy and great Halloween cupcake topper that would make if you used just orange and black!!

Wanna know how to do it??

First you start off with some candy and black.

Melt a few candy melts in a plastic baggy with a TINY hole on one of the corners. Then squeeze out the chocolate in whatever pattern you like. You could do zigzags like I did, or circles, triangles, diamonds,a combination of several shapes, whatever you doesn't matter and that's exactly what makes this project so easy!!!! The more you mess up the better it looks!

Layer with black....

More orange going in a different direction....

Layer with more black....
And you're done!!

Unique and Easy!!!

Give it a try!`

Friday, September 10, 2010

Under the Sea Theme

And now, a few party ideas for an under the sea theme!!!!
click to enlarge
How fun would goldfish as party favors be!?!?! Feeder fish are so inexpensive and you can get the little fish bowls at the Dollar Store. And the tags here.
Or if you don't feel like going to "live animal" route you can always get little beach pails and fill them up with all kinds of goodies.
Check out this Etsy Shop for these custom party hats and tags.
And remember Sand Art? What an appropriate activity for an under the sea party!!

click to enlarge
I love the table centerpieces THIS party had. Filling glass vases with blue water and wrapping the goggles around. How clever!!
And another great activity/game for an under the sea party would be the fishing game. A simple game of using paper fish w/ paperclips attached. Make a fishing pole out of a rod, a string and a magnet. The children can fish for prizes!!!

And how cute are these porcupine fish straw cups!? Found here.

For menu ideas you could use a fish cookie cutter to turn your average ol' PB&J into cute fish sandwiches. And OMG I am loving these hotdogs turned squid!!! Octodogs!!! I love these!!!