Saturday, March 26, 2011

French Poodle Birthday

This cake is for my very bestest friend Merey. I love this girl! She is pure joy to be around...goofy, FUN, sweet and funny. When you're around her you're laughing. She is awesome!

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful friend in my life and I wanted to create a cake that would fit her personality...beautiful, sweet, classy, girly and a little silly. :) Thats my friend to a tee! So I know its likely not typical to have poodles on your 30th birthday cake, but if you knew works. Its odd and I'm not even sure why, but poodles have been our little inside "joke thing" for years and years. Every time one of us sees a poodle we call each other, every birthday card we give each other has a poodle on it, almost every Christmas there is a poodle ornament exchanged.

Poodles. God love 'em; they're great. :) I had to add them.

Their names, Fred and Fredina.

I cannot wait to present this cake to her tonight at her surprise birthday party that her sweet hubby is throwing her. I honestly think she is going to die when she realizes her romantic dinner is actually a surprise party!!!


A very surprised birthday girl! :)

All she kept saying was "Oh me! Oh me!!!" lol Speechless. Me and my college girlies...Carol on the left, Merey, myself and Delaine on the end. I have all their 30th birthday cakes crossed off my list. Lots of 30th celebrations this year! It seems like just last year we were turning 19 together! Amazing how time flys...

Me and my hubby...the man behind the cakes. :)

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Aren't these cupcakes adorable!?!?!
I just love how soft and feminine these colors are. What a pretty little cupcake to celebrate a bride! :)
Happy bridal shower Renee!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Orange and Brown Bridal Shower

Made to match the invitations...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Olivia's Sesame Street Party!!!

Livie's 2nd birthday party was a success!!! I'm still exhausted from the morning, but it was all so worth it. I'll write more later, but for now I'm just gonna post pics and let them speak for themselves while I nurse my toddler party hangover!!!

These chocolate Elmos lasted all of 30 minutes in the sun. It was 80 degrees here today and these little guys melted! :( So sad...lesson learned though! Never put chocolate in the sun!!!! Bad bad mommy!!! The kiddos were sent home with their very own goldfish. The parents weren't too thrilled, but the kids sure were!!! :)

Oscar's Tattoo Parlor

I made this photo standee for Bailey's 2nd birthday (3 years ago, before I had two kids and my elbows deep in cake). When I brought it out to her party she had a meltdown...crying saying "You cut Uuurn-ie! You cut Uuurn-ie!!!" (Ernie) He was her favorite character and when she discovered his face was removed from the bunch she was devestated. :( It was terrible and I had to put the whole thing away for the party so that she'd stop crying. All that work for nothing! So, you can imagine I was very excited to pull it out this time and leave it out! Livie's favorite character is Elmo so she had no issues w/ Ernie being "cut".

And here is Bailey who is finally OK with using this photo standee...

Birthday girl jumpin' in the jumper!!

Two tired parents!!!

Lighting the candles, getting ready for the Happy Birthday song.

LOOK WHO CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Elmo costume is another homemade by mama party addition, again, before I had two kids and all that good stuff.

Bailey loving her fish!

My sweet babies enjoying a juice box after the crowd left. Aren't their outfits adorable?!!? My mom made them the day before the party!

Our attempt at a family picture...why is it so hard to get everyone to cooperate!?!?!?!?!

Bailey wouldn't smile and the other little rascal would NOT be still!!

Hello Terrible Twos!!!!!