Monday, September 23, 2013

Stylish Trampoline Cake

 This cute cake was created for Graham who celebrated his 8th birthday with a party at Sky Zone (a popular trampoline play place).  His mama wanted to have a stylish cake that incorporated the trampoline theme...


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Trey and Whitney's Couples shower brother man Trey (he is actually my cousin) is getting married in a couple months to a fabulously sweet and beautiful girl, Whitney.  I think the world of this precious couple and am so excited that our family is about to gain a saaaawwweeet addition in November.  ;) 
This weekend I helped host a couples shower for them in their hometown of Charlotte.  They're getting married at a dairy barn and the wedding will have a very shabby chic/rustic/oh-so-stylish feel to it so we wanted to mimic that theme in their shower.  Bride-to-be Whitney also has a small love affair with mason jars so we decided they needed to be incorporated throughout the party.
So here it is...their mason jar, burlap, shabby chic shindig! 
So much eye candy for y'all!!!  Enjoy.  :)


 S'more new fav!

What is it about jars that make everything so much more fun to eat??  

 These pumpkin pies in a jar were not only fun to eat, but OH ME GOSH!  They were so tasty.  One bite and I was officially ready for fall!!

Trey and Whit are getting married on November 2 this year so I thought it'd be fun to dress up this little hay stack with their wedding date.  ;)

I just can't get enough of this cake topper.  So so presh!  (found it on etsy in case you're wondering!!) I just thought about something.......
Lets go back 10 years.  If you sat me down and told me I would one day really enjoy taking close up pictures of banana bread and then share those pictures on the internet because I thought it was just too pretty, I would say YOU ARE crazy, I'll never be that weird... 
But here I am...taking close up pictures of banana bread. And I'm not even weirded out by it. 


 Ok, enough of the sweets...

Meet the COUPLE!!! 
  ♥Trey and Whitney♥ 
I told you they were beautiful...
We set up a table where guests could share their marriage advice with the (almost) newlyweds.

And yes, of course the guests sipped their drinks out of mason jars.  That's a given right?! ;)

We had a little fun with the guests of honor and had them play the newlywed game.  We asked them series of questions (who was the first to say I love you, how many kids do y'all want to have, etc etc) and they wrote their answer down on a dry erase board.  If their answer matched we moved on to the next question.  If their answers did NOT match they had to put a piece of bubble gum in their mouths.  Very fun and cute game. 

They did pretty good with their answers, but still had a mouth full of gum by the end of the game. ;)
 Aaaand for party favors, a little bag with some cookies to go.
Mother of the bride and mother of the groom with the hostesses/host along with the the gorgeous bride and groom to be in the middle.
Ok, that's all folks.  Hope you enjoyed the pics! 
Thanks for stopping by. :))))